Proposed schemes

Details of proposed parking and traffic schemes will be published here. Information about each scheme can be viewed by clicking the links. Comments on or objections to any aspect of a scheme can be made using the contact details and by the date specified in the notice (the first page of the documentation).

Advertised 21 January 2021

Disabled parking bays installations and removals - various locations. Nutley Terrace crossover - (PDF)

Advertised 21 January 2021

Arlington Road Low Traffic Neighourhood - modification to Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Chalk Farm Road and Neighbouring Streets - modification to Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Harmood Street modal filter - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 7 January 2021

Dockless bicycle hire bays and associated parking restriction changes (PDF)

Advertised 17 December 2020

West End Project - one-way streets and contraflow cycling (PDF)

Junction Protection Programme phase 3 - Controlled Parking Zones CA-D, CA-S (PDF)

Advertised 10 December 2020

Bernard Street, removal of parking spaces (PDF)

Loveridge Road, Dedicated Disabled Bay (PDF)

Ferdinand Street / Chalk Farm Road junction, cyclist permitted to proceed ahead (PDF)

Advertised 26 November 2020

Haverstock Hill / Rosslyn Hill and neighbouring streets - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Oakley Square - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Huntley Street - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Huntley Street - new parking restrictions and one-way working between Grafton Way and University Street (PDF)

Advertised 19 November 2020

Cycle permeability schemes - College Place, Warren Street, Windmill Street, Grafton Way, Bedford Avenue, Tottenham Street, Richbell Place - Experimental Traffic Orders (PDF)

Advertised 12 November 2020

Cleve Road - crossover installation (PDF)

Advertised 22 October 2020

Healthy School Streets - Marsden Street, Crogsland Road, William Road, Holly Bush Vale, Sandall Road - Experimental Traffic Orders (PDF)

Camley Street - additional waiting restrictions and pedestrian crossing (PDF)

Advertised 15 October 2020

Dockless bicycle hire bays and associated parking restriction changes (PDF)

Bicycle hangars and associated parking restriction changes (PDF)

Advertised 8 October 2020

Junction Protection Programme, phase 2 - Controlled Parking Zones CA-G, L, M, N (PDF) Revised diagram of junctions (PDF)

Gough Street  - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 24 September 2020

Bicycle hangars - associated changes to parking bays and waiting restrictions - various locations (PDF)

Advertised 17 September 2020

Gray's Inn Road area - Experimental Traffic Order - (PDF)

Arlington Road Low Traffic Neighbourhood - Experimental Traffic Order - (PDF)

York Way - relocation of parking bays - Experimental Traffic Order - (PDF)

Linstead Street, St. Paul's Crescent - Cycle Permeability Schemes - Experimental Traffic Orders (PDF)

Jeffrey's Street - Cycle Permeability Scheme, Wilkin Street - changes to parking restrictions (PDF)

Advertised 10 September 2020

St. Pancras Way - changes to waiting / loading restrictions - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 3 September 2020

Highgate Road bus lanes - extended hours of operation - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 27 August 2020

Healthy School Streets - Cliff Villas, Minster Road, Princess Road - Experimental Traffic Orders (PDF)

Neighbourhoods of the Future - Netherhall Gardens, Netherhall Way, Maresfield Gardens, Frognal, Nutley Terrace - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 6 August 2020

South End Green - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

North Gower Street - Dedicated Disabled Bay (PDF)

Chalk Farm Road - modification to Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 30 July 2020

Dockless bicycle hire bays and associated parking bay changes, various locations (PDF)

Advertised 16 July 2020

Chalk Farm Road, Crogsland Road, Belmont Street, Ferdinand Street, Harmood Street, Hartland Road, Hawley Street, Haverstock Hill - Experimental Traffic Order - (PDF)

Seven Dials, Earlham Street, Monmouth Street, Mercer Street, Tower Street, Neal Street, Short's Gardens - Experimental Traffic Order - (PDF)

Dockless bicycle hire bays and associated parking bay changes, various locations - (PDF)

Great James Street, Swain's Lane, Dartmouth Park Road, Bicycle Hangars - (PDF)

Advertised 25 June 2020

Garnett Road, NW3; Greenland Road, NW1; King Henry's Road, NW3;  Lissenden Gardens, NW5; Roderick Road, NW3; York Rise; NW5 - Bicycle Hangars (PDF)

Advertised 25 June 2020

Prince of Wales Road, NW5 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 11 June 2020

Savernake Road, NW3 - modification to Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Millfield Lane, N6 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Red Lion Street, Dane Street, WC1R - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Prowse Place, NW1 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Swain's Lane, N6 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)


Advertised 14 May 2020

Savernake Road, NW3 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Sandall Road, NW1 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Wilmot Place, NW1 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Clarence Way, Hartland Road, NW1 - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 23 April 2020

West End Project - parking restrictions (PDF)

Advertised 16 April 2020

Calthorpe Street, WC1X - dedicated disabled bay (PDF)

Advertised 16 April 2020

West End Project - moving traffic restrictions (PDF)

Advertised 19 March 2020

Maiden Lane Estate, NW1 - parking restrictions and designation of parking places (PDF)

Decision report

Advertised 5 March 2020

Various streets, Cycle hangars (PDF)

Advertised 20 February 2020

Gaisford Street, Patshull Road, Grove Terrace; NW5: Cycle permeability measures (PDF)

Laystall Street, EC1R: Cycle Permeability measures - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Various streets, Cycle hangars (PDF)

Lawford Road, NW5: Dedicated Disabled bay (PDF)

Advertised 6 February 2020

Junction Protection Programme (phase 1 - Controlled Parking Zones CA-C and CA-F) (PDF)

Goods Way / Pancras Road, N1 - disabled parking bays (PDF)

Advertised 16 January 2020

EV charging points - various locations (PDF)

Gospel Oak highways improvements, phase 1 (PDF)

Cantelowes area improvements, NW1 (PDF)

Advertised 12 December 2019

New End, NW3; Healthy School Street - New End School area - vehicle prohibition - Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 14 November 2019

Branch Hill, NW3; Canfield Gardens, NW6; Disabled parking bays installation (PDF)

Goldhurst Terrace, NW6; Residents parking space installation (PDF)

College Place, NW1; Leighton Grove, NW5; Removal of residents parking spaces for bicycle hangar installation (PDF)

Advertised 17 October 2019

York Way, N1 - Dedicated Disabled Bay (PDF)

Kidderpore Avenue, NW3 - crossover application (PDF)

Advertised 10 October 2019

Restriction on Engine Idling - boroughwide (PDF)

Advertised 5 September 2019

Oak Village, NW5; crossover application (PDF)

Belsize Road, NW6; loading bay, extension of controlled hours (PDF)

Advertised 28 August 2019

Bus lane amendments (Bloomsbury Way, WC1A, Highgate Road, NW5, Midland Road, NW1) (PDF)

Thanet Street, WC1H. Designation of Business Scheme 'A' bays (PDF)

Advertised 1 August 2019

Iverson Road, NW6. Access for refuse collection vehicles. (PDF)

Daleham Gardens, NW3. Langtry Road, NW6. Minor schemes. (PDF)

Advertised 11 July 2019

Downshire Hill, NW3. Albert Terrace, NW1. Russell Square, WC1B. Camden High Street, NW1. (PDF)

Conversion of parking bays to ice-cream trading bays. Experimental Traffic Order.

Further information about the Ice Cream licensing scheme can be found here.

Advertised 4 July 2019

Millman Street and nearby streets, WC1N. s.106 Development at Great Ormond Street Hospital (PDF)

Oval Road, NW1. Platt's Lane, NW3. Crediton Hill, NW6. Installation of disabled parking bays (PDF)

Advertised 20 June 2019

Brunswick Square, WC1N. Proposed Walking and Cycling Improvements (PDF)

Doric Way / Werrington Street, NW1. Relocation of Car Club bay (PDF)

Marsden Street, NW5. Dedicated Disabled Bay (PDF)

Maple Place, W1T. Loading ban (PDF)

Advertised 23 May 2019

Antrim Grove, NW3. Double yellow lines outside no. 4 (PDF)

Herbal Hill, EC1R. Loading ban (PDF)

Advertised 2 May 2019

Drummond Street, NW1. Contraflow cycling (PDF)

Royal College Street, NW1. Reduction of loading bay operative hours (PDF)

Redhill Street, NW1. Installation of two disabled parking bays (PDF)

Advertised 18 April 2019

Prince of Wales Road, NW5. Walking and cycling improvements (PDF)

Further information about the Prince of Wales Road walking and cycling improvement scheme

Advertised 18 April 2019

Hampstead High Street, NW3. Bus priority measures (PDF)

Advertised 11 April 2019

Nutley Terrace, NW3. School bus parking bays (PDF)

Advertised 14 March 2019

Tavistock Place, WC1H. Cyclist exemption to banned right turn at junction with Judd Street (PDF)

Cotleigh Road, NW6. Revocation of doctors parking place (PDF)

Advertised 28 February 2019

St. Cross Street, EC1N. Contraflow cycling and associated changes to parking restrictions (PDF)

Disabled bays, Loading bays - installation and removal (PDF)

Advertised 21 February 2019

Frederick Street, WC1X. Farringdon area Walking and Cycling Improvements. Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 14 February 2019

Eyre Street Hill and nearby streets, EC1R. Farringdon area Walking and Cycling Improvements. Experimental Traffic Order (PDF)

Advertised 7 February 2019

Highgate (CA-U) CPZ Review - proposed changes to hours of control (PDF)

Saffron Street, Onslow Street - cycling measures and waiting and loading controls (PDF)

Disabled bays - installation and removal (PDF)

Advertised 24 January 2019

Brecknock Road / Fortess Road junction - pedestrian safety scheme (PDF)

Lamb's Conduit Street / Red Lion Street - cycle quiet way (PDF)

Willes Road / Inkerman Road - parking space relocation (PDF)

Advertised 17 January 2019

Electric Vehicle charging points - various locations. (PDF)

Removal of parking spaces for bicycle hangars - various locations. (PDF)

Advertised 13 December 2018

Savernake Road, NW3 - school safety scheme. Experimental Traffic Order. (PDF)

Advertised 6 December 2018

Heath Street, NW3 - bus priority scheme (PDF)

Ferncroft Avenue, NW3 - school safety scheme (PDF)

Goldhurst Terrace, NW6 - pedestrian safety scheme (PDF)

King Henry's Road, NW1 - pedestrian safety scheme (PDF)

Menelik Road, NW2 - crossover application (PDF)

Advertised 15 November 2018

Greenwood Place, NW5 - s.106 development (PDF)

Advertised 8 November 2018

Midland Road, NW1 - one-way working and stepped cycle tracks (PDF)