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Making changes to your home

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Making changes to your home

If you are making changes to your home, we’ve got some things you need to know, ways we can help and advice on how to minimise disruption. 

Works inside of your home 

Before you make changes to the inside of your home, you should check if you need to speak to us first.  

Council tenants 

If you are a council tenant and are planning to make significant changes to your home including replacing the kitchen or bathroom, you should speak to your housing officer first. 

Leaseholders and Freeholders 

If you are a leaseholder or freeholder, and the works you are doing will change the layout of your home, you may need a licence. Find out more and check if you need a licence to make changes in your home. 

Planning applications 

If you are a homeowner planning to make changes to your home, you may need to make a planning application.  


If you are a council tenant, leaseholder or freeholder, we will carry out certain repairs to your home while others are your own responsibility.  

Getting rid of waste 

Home improvements can cause lots of waste. It is important to make sure you are getting rid of this in the correct way. 

If you are hiring a skip, you need to apply for a license to put a skip on your street 

If you need to get rid of large items that don’t fit in your bin, you can book a large item collection 

For smaller household waste, you can also check your collection day and order an extra bin, box, or bag 


Building works can be very noisy. Find out when to do works to avoid disruption and how to report noise. 

 To see how the noise will impact your area, before you begin the works you can do a noise, vibration and ventilation assessment  

Find out when you can and cannot carry out noisy building works in Camden  

If there are noisy works impacting you outside of the permitted hours, you can report a noise problem 

Trade permits 

If a builder or tradesperson that you have hired needs to park on your street, you may need to get a trade permit for them. Find out where builders and tradespeople can park and apply for a trade permit

Grants and assistance 

You may be eligible for a grant to help cover the cost of works to your home. This includes: 

Borrow tools 

Hire tools instead of buying new ones. Visit Kentish Town’s library of things