Builders, trades and other service providers

The trade permit (formerly called a parking permission) is intended to be used by builders, trades and other service providers who require on-street parking when engaged in work for a local resident or business. Anyone can apply.

The trade permit can be issued for periods of 1 to 40 days. They are non-refundable and do not guarantee a parking space. A trade permit is only valid for one vehicle and is not transferable.

Read the terms and conditions before applying and using the trade permit.

You will need to log in or a create a resident account if applying as an individual or business account for businesses.

apply as resident

apply as business

Where can I park?

Resident permit bays: from the start of controlled hours to 5.30pm or the end of controlled hours, whichever is earlier. The timeplate will include “Resident permit holders” or “Permit holders” and the mark CA- with the CPZ zone letter. The CPZ is determined from the Camden address provided in the application.

Yellow lines: single yellow lines (or in Hampstead CA-H zone, double yellow lines up to 8pm). In the CPZ determined from the Camden address provided.

You cannot park:
•    where a loading ban is in force, indicated by single or double kerb markings
•    adjacent to a dropped kerb or raised highway such as a pedestrian crossing or vehicle crossover
•    location with a “no-stopping” restriction zig-zag or box commonly outside schools
•    within five metres of a junction or in a manner obstructing traffic
•    red route
•    housing estate
•    suspended bay

How much does it cost?

A trade permit is £41.39 per day and is non-refundable.

Weddings and funerals

Enhanced trade permits are available free of charge for up to 5 vehicles for a wedding and up to 10 vehicles when needed for a funeral.

You will need to apply via our Contact Camden team 020 7974 4444 and supply evidence when applying for these trade permits.