Tackling climate change and improving local air quality

We are committed to tackling climate change and improving local air quality. To help us do this we are encouraging residents to drive electric vehicles as they are particularly suitable for driving in urban areas like Camden where short distances are covered.

These vehicles produce no air pollution emissions and are extremely beneficial in terms of improving air quality. The distance that electric vehicles can travel is gradually increasing due to improvements in battery technology.

Electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charging scheme, pay no road tax (Vehicle Exercise Duty) and benefit from reduced company car tax.

Source London

Camden currently has 28 on-street charge points in the borough. However, these charge points are in the process of being upgraded. At present, 18 of the charge points have been upgraded and we are working on the upgrade of the remaining points.

Further information on these charge points and where they are can be found below:

Charges for using electric charge point?

Source London introduced a new pricing structure on 3rd October 2016. All new members will a monthly £4 subscription fee and 3.6p/min when charging on BPL new charge points. Existing members will be able to use the network for free until 31st December 2016.

These members will then have to register for a new membership card in order to use the network from 2017.