Improving Camden's air quality

We are committed to reducing and mitigating the impact of transport-based emissions in Camden. To help us do this we are encouraging residents to drive electric vehicles as they are particularly suitable for driving in urban areas like Camden where short distances are covered.

These vehicles produce no exhaust emissions and are therefore beneficial, compared to typical petrol/diesel vehicles, in terms of improving air quality. The distance that electric vehicles can travel is increasing due to improvements in battery technology.

Electric vehicles are

  • exempt from the ULEZ and congestion charge
  • pay no Vehicle Excise Duty
  • benefit from reduced resident and business permit prices in Camden.

Our Electric Vehicle Charge Point Action Plan sets out the Council’s plans to develop a comprehensive network of electric vehicle charge points that both responds to existing demand for EV infrastructure and provides for and accelerates the uptake of cleaner vehicles in the future.

Camden's Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

For the past 7 months a number of Ubitricity electric vehicle charge points across the borough have had issues affecting them which have resulted in them being switched off.  To address these issues, we are relocating the charge points to other lamp columns where they can operate safely.  Where possible, we shall aim to relocate the charge points in the same controlled parking zone (CPZ). Relocations should be completed with charge points functional by the end of August.

In areas where relocation in the same CPZ is not possible, and charge points are relocated elsewhere, we are also installing 68 fast charge points (both as part of our business-as-usual plans, and in direct response to the issue with the lamp columns), This will mean electric vehicle owners are still able to charge their vehicles in their local area.  Please note that the installation of 33 of the fast charge points is dependent on the outcome of a statutory consultation process.

This map shows the existing location of the affected lamp column charge points, the relocation sites, and the location of new fast charge points.

In the meantime,residents can use this website to find available charging points in the borough

Camden currently has 307 on-street electric vehicle charging points (EVCP) in the borough consisting of;

Any issues with the charging point should be reported directly to the charge point provider.

Find an EVCP

Please note running a cable across the public footway should not be done due to health and safety.

Request an Electric Vehicle Charging Point

To request an electric vehicle charging point please email, giving your address. Unfortunately, due to high demand we are unable to respond to requests individually.

Requests are looked at collectively and are used to assess demand. It is not possible to fulfil every request due to technical restraints or lack of funding.

Camden is committed to regularly identifying funding streams to enable us to deliver a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Please email for any other queries about electric vehicles.