Many schools suffer from busy nearby streets which causes problems with: 

  • parking 
  • traffic and congestion 
  • road safety 
  • air quality

The Healthy School Streets programme aims to address these problems by restricting traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times. Some vehicles may be exempt.

You can find out more about the benefits in our animated video about Healthy School Streets

How it works 

We assess streets outside schools that we can reasonably restrict to motor vehicles without moving too much traffic elsewhere.   

If a Healthy School Street is introduced, streets will be restricted to vehicles for a limited time on school days. The schemes are enforced with signs and either bollards or cameras with license plate recognition.  

As well as introducing restrictions, we can work with schools to help reduce the number of pupils being driven to school by:


There are a limited number of exemptions available for Healthy School Streets. These include: 

  • vehicles registered to properties and businesses in the restricted area  
  • any vehicle being used for ambulance, fire brigade or policing purposes 
  • refuse collection vehicles 
  • door-to-door services, such as Plus Bus and Dial A Ride 
  • Blue Badge holders that require access to an address within the restricted area 
  • vehicles belonging to parents or carers of disabled pupils unable to walk, cycle, or scoot to school 
  • other exemptions agreed on a case-by-case basis, such as older or disabled residents who are reliant on door-to-door transport 

Refuse vehicles, emergency services, and door-to-door services do not need to apply for exemption.  

For all other vehicles, you must apply for an exemption online

If you think you may be exempt for another reason, please contact the Council first to discuss your requirements. 

Share your views 

To request a Healthy School Street or give feedback on an existing scheme, please email:

You can also phone 020 7974 8796 and leave a message for an officer to call you back. 

If you would like to share your views on one of our trial schemes, leave a comment on our Commonplace website

Locations of Healthy School Streets 

We have introduced Healthy School Street schemes across Camden. Many of these have now been made permanent, while some are in a trial phase.

You can see a map of all current Healthy School Streets and trial schemes. Please note, the scheme extents provided on the map are indicative. Contact us with any queries regarding which addresses are within any of the schemes.

Find out more about the decisions to introduce Healthy School Street schemes: 

Permanent Healthy School Street schemes 

Trial Healthy School Street Schemes 

Contact us

Email us if you would like to know the operational dates of any of the schemes for the current academic year.