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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people in Camden live, travel and work. We want our streets to have more safe space for everyone to walk and cycle, for children to get to and from school safely and healthily, for businesses to be able to flourish, to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles and for you to be breathing cleaner air.

We want to ensure that our streets support a strong recovery from the pandemic and provide a lasting legacy of greener, safer, healthier travel. Whether it’s an essential journey like taking your children to school, getting to work or just popping out to enjoy your local park we want you to love where you live, and to love Camden.

For information on all the changes we have been making across Camden since the Covid-19 Pandemic visit our dedicated Commonplace . Here you can comment on the current trial schemes.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we have been working to make your streets safer and healthier. You can view all the changes that have taken place so far on our summary document. 

Thank you to everyone who originally suggested changes via our dedicated Commonplace map. Our map is closed now but you can still read all the comments. 

Share your views/Consultations


We have lots of trial changes in place. We'd like to hear how you think it's going. Let us know how you feel about the changes we have made on our streets and share any ideas for improvement via our dedicated Commonplace.

View the latest consultations:

Proposed changes to Gordon Square - closes 4th October 2022

South End Green Public Realm, Road Safety and Streatery Improvements - closes 9th October 2022.

Argyle Primary Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Brookfield Primary Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Christopher Hatton Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Ecole Jeannine Manuel Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Kentish Town Primary Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Experimental Schemes:

All experimental schemes will run for 18 months and you are able to comment at any time on the changes we have implemented. The Council would like to carry out a full public consultation after the experimental scheme has run for 12 months and will take a decision as to whether it can do this nearer the time in light of the circumstances then prevailing.

The consultation will then inform the Council’s decision as to whether, at the end of the 18-month experiment, the changes should be made permanent. Traffic levels will also be monitored, as required, on relevant streets after the scheme is implemented.

If you have any further questions or comments on the measures email: or call us on 020 7974 4444.

If you have a request for a Healthy School Street or would like to give feedback on existing schemes, please email:

Cycle storage facilities

New cycle storage facilities

In support of the new and improved cycle ways we are adding new residential cycle storage facilities at various locations across the borough. So far we have added 115 new hangers providing storage space for 689 bikes taking our total in Camden to 194 cycle hangers (space for 1163 bikes). New locations include: 

  • Adeline Place
  • Acol Road
  • Albert Terrace
  • Allcroft Road
  • Athlone Square
  • Ampton Place
  • Arlington Road
  • Bartholomew Road
  • Belmont Street
  • Belsize Grove
  • Belsize Square
  • Camden Square
  • Camden Square (Murray Street)
  • Canfield Gardens
  • Cantelowes Road
  • Coram Street
  • Croftdown Road
  • Dartmouth Park Road
  • Doynton Street
  • Dynham Road
  • Eton Avenue
  • Eton College Road
  • Frognal Lane
  • Garlinge Road
  • Garnett Road
  • Gilden Crescent
  • Gladys Road
  • Glenbrook Road
  • Glenilla Road
  • Glenoch Road
  • Gloucester Avenue
  • Goldington Street
  • Greenland Road
  • Handel Street
  • Harrington Square
  • Hawley Street
  • Herbrand Street
  • Hillfield Road
  • Honeybourne Road
  • Huntely Street
  • Islip Street
  • Kenton Street
  • Kings College Road
  • King Henry's Road
  • Lissenden Gardens
  • Maitland Park Road
  • Millman Street
  • Montpelier Grove
  • Mortimer Crescent
  • North Villas
  • Ospringe Road
  • Parkhill Road 
  • Parliament Hill (with space for disability adapted bike)
  • Percy Street
  • Priory Road
  • Queen's Crescent
  • Regents Square
  • Regents Park Road
  • Ridgmount Gardens
  • Ridgemount Street
  • Robert Street
  • Rochester Square
  • Roderick Road
  • Rousden Street
  • Ryland Road
  • South Villas
  • Steele's Road
  • Sumatra Road
  • Swain's Lane
  • Tonbridge Street
  • Tottenham Street
  • Twisden Road
  • Warren Street
  • Weedington Road
  • Whidborne Street
  • Whitfield Street x2
  • York Rise

These locations provide covered and secured storage for bikes allowing more people to keep bikes, especially where indoor space is limited. 

You can read the Non-key executive officer decision reports for the following locations:

New dockless bike hire bays

We are currently consulting on a number of dockless bike hire bays. Letters have been sent to local householders and stakeholders Dockless Bike Hire Bays - comments by 22/3/21 

We are delivering a network of dockless bike hire bays, and now have 64 new bays in the area of the borough south of the Euston Road, providing a high quality alternative to public transport and freeing up pavement space for pedestrian movement and social distancing. 

You can read the Non-key executive officer decision report for

Cycle permeability Schemes

Alongside our large cycle projects which you can read about, we have delivered a number of small changes to improve local cycling such as introduing two-way cycling or removing bollards to make access easier. These smaller changes include:

Bedford Avenue

College Place

Grafton Way

Huntley Street

Linstead Street

Richbell Place

St Paul’s Crescent

Tottenham Street

Warren Street

Windmill Street

Healthy School Streets

We'd like to hear how you think it's going. Let us know how you feel about the changes we have made introducing Healthy School Streets and share any ideas for improvement via our new dedicated Commonplace. 

We are introducing a number of new healthy school streets as part of our response to the challenges of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our streets.

To find out more on these schemes visit our Healthy school streets pages or for details on the individual schemes visit our Commonplace site. 

Open consultations:

Argyle Primary Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Brookfield Primary Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Christopher Hatton Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Ecole Jeannine Manuel Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Kentish Town Primary Healthy School Street - closes 20th October 2022

Latest decision reports:

Phase 3 - Marsden Street / Crogsland Road / Willion Road / Holly Bush Vale / Sandall Road

Phase 4 - St Mary and St Pancras, Argyle, Christopher Hatton, Laystall Street, Brookfield, Kentish Town CofE, Ecole Jeanine Manuel,

Phase 4 - Islip Street

New End Primary School


The current Healthy School Streets include:

  • Brecknock School - Cliff Villas implemented in September 2020

  • Camden School For Girls - Sandall Road

  • Haverstock School - Crogsland Road

  • Kentish Town - Islip Street

  • Mulberry House School - Minster Road implemented in September 2020Rhyl School - Marsden Street

  • Neighbourhoods of the Future Healthy School Street Zone (5 schools in the Frognal/Fitzjohns Ward)
  • Netley Primary School - William Road

  • Primrose Hill School - Princess Road implemented in September 2020

  • Rhyl School - Marsden Street

  • UCS Junior and Hampstead Parochial Schools - Holly Bush Vale

You can also view our new Healthy School Street animation on you tube.

We have also permanently widened pavements outside the following schools. You can read the decision report relating the changes.


  • Fleet Primary School 
  • Christ Church Primary School
  • St Luke’s School


Creating more space for you to enjoy

COVID-19 has changed how we are able to socialise with each other. Our parks and streets have become more important then ever to spend time in, and for enjoying the company of friends outside. A Parklet can support our local communities to do this.

What is a Parklet?

A Parklet is created by changing a parking or loading space into a shared space for people.  They can be used for a variety of functions, but usually for seating and greenery, creating a place to sit, talk and relax. They are open and free for anyone to use.

For more information on Parklets in Camden and to share your views visit: Have Your Say Today – Parklets Across Camden – Commonplace


You can now share you views on our Streateries and find out the latest on our schemes via our dedicated Commonplace website 

Find your nearest streatery on our map. 

A Streatery is a car free outdoor dining space for restaurants, cafes and other businesses to place tables and chairs which is created in the road. Providing more temporary space for these businesses helps customers to physically distance whilst eating/drinking out. 

The aim of a Streatery is to help boost hospitality businesses. In order to help the economic recovery of this sector, outdoor dining is expected to support increased customer numbers. 

Creating Streateries was one of the ways we supported businesses to operate differently during the Covid-19 pandemic. We continue to work closely with local Business Improvement Districts and local stakeholders to create Streateries, in addition to relaxing planning and licensing restrictions in line with government legislation and guidance. Full guidance on these changes can be found on our website. 

We have added Streateries at the following locations:

  • Belsize Park
  • Bloomsbury Square
  • Broadhurst Gardens
  • Charlotte Street
  • Cleveland Street
  • Conway Street
  • Doric Way
  • Drummond Street (currently closed due to HS2 works)
  • Earlham Street (approved June 21. View the decision report)
  • Goodge Street
  • Great Ormond Street
  • Great Queen Street
  • Pancras Road
  • Regent's Park Road
  • South Crescent
  • South End Road
  • Warren Street
  • Whitfield Street
  • Winchester Street

You can read the Phase 2 decision report on Streateries

You can read the Phase 3 decision report on Streateries.


Changes to the junction of Southampton Row and Theobalds Road

Since 2008 four cyclists have tragically been killed at the junction of Southampton Row
and Theobald’s Road with nine further tragic cyclist deaths in the Holborn area. 

October 2021 - Following a tragic fatality, we made immediate temporary changes to the junction to reduce the risk for cycles. Read the decision report.

November 2021 - We ran a public consultation on further proposed changes at Southampton Row and Theobald’s Road junction to help make it safer for cycling with segregated cycle tracks, bus lane improvements and improved traffic lights for cyclists.

We had 229 responses and following the consultation made the decision to implement the proposed changes. We made some changes to the proposal based on comments you made in the consultation. This includes increasing loading bay size by a further 10m outside 112 to 110 Southampton Row and extending the loading times along Southampton Row (from 10am - 12pm, 8pm - midnight to 10am - 1pm, 8pm - midnight).

January 2022 - We started construction on the improvements including:

  • New sections of segregated cycle track northbound and southbound on
    Southampton Row
  • A new “cycle gate” southbound on Southampton Row at the junction with Theobalds
    Road. This is where cyclists are held at a red signal while motor traffic flows through
    the junction first, and then cyclists get a green signal to enter into an enlarged cycle
    box area so they can then move before the motor traffic
  • New cycle boxes (Advanced Stop Lines) for cyclists in all directions providing safer
    spaces for cyclists
  • An “early start” at traffic lights for cyclists 
  • The ability for cyclists to turn right in two steps (stages) on all approaches. A two
    stage right turn allows a cyclist to more forward from when signalled, before waiting
    in a safe designated area before turning right
  • A bus, cycle and taxi lane southbound between 150 Southampton Row and the
    junction with Theobald’s Road running 24 hours per day with two loading bays
    available (10am - 1pm and 8pm - midnight)
  • A bus, cycle and taxi lane southbound between the junction of Southampton Row
    and Catton Street running 24 hours per day with no loading provision
  • An extended eastbound bus, cycle and taxi lane from Vernon Place to 124
    Theobalds Road. The bus, cycle and taxi lane will be 24 hours per day between
    Vernon Place and the junction with Lamb’s Conduit
  • A relocated Bus Stop X on Theobalds Road to the south of the junction to provide
    even spacing between stops and to allow cyclists easy access to the segregated
    cycle track
  • A newly realigned and widened pedestrian crossing on Vernon Place
  • A new left turn for cyclists from Southampton Row into Vernon Place
  • Removal of the pedestrian guardrail 

May 2022 - Completion of works

Gordon Square

In partnership with UCL we want to trial changes on the northern side of Gordon Square outside of the Institute of Archaeology.

Together we’re proposing the following:

  • Closing the road in front of the Institute of Archaeology to traffic (except cycling) using planters between Gordon Street and Taviton Street
  • Adding a two-way cycle lane for safe and easy cycling through the area and to UCL
  • Creating a new space for people to enjoy with plants, seating and some bike parking. We would also provide things like a small platform for exhibitions and table tennis
  • Biodiverse planting, sustainable furniture and incorporating habitats for pollinating insects.

These changes are part of our work to make streets across Camden safer and healthier. We want to improve the area for people who live, study and visit the area by making this street a more attractive place to stop, rest and enjoy. We also want to improve the local environment and air quality by making it a place for people and through planting. 

We anticipate these changes to be the first of a number of improvements in the area over the next 5 years. We plan to observe how the space and surrounding area is used and develop it overtime. We may make further changes, subject to public consultation, if appropriate.

To find out more and to have your say take part in the consultation which is open until the 4th October 2022.