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Our free bicycle loan scheme is for people in Camden who want to experience the advantages of cycling, but have not yet decided to buy a bike of their own. 

We offer bikes for: 

During a free, no-obligation bike loan you can decide whether buying your own bicycle will be the right choice for you.  

Try-A-Bike is open to adults (18 years and over) who live, work or study in London Borough of Camden.  

The next bike loan collection dates are:

Date  Time
Saturday 28 March 2020 12.00noon - 2.00pm
Sunday 26 April 2020 12.00noon - 2.00pm
Sunday 31 May 2020 12.00noon - 2.00pm
Saturday 27 June 2020 12.00noon - 2.00pm

Bicycles must be collected from and returned to Camden’s Try-A-Bike base near St Pancras International station. 

Deposit and proof of identity required.  Bikes must be collected in person at the advertised times.  Borrowers must store bikes securely overnight and are responsible for their safe use. 

Bike loans include helmets, locks and lights.

We offer free cycle skills training, too.  Cycle safely and with confidence on your bike—register for one of our training courses before or during your Try-A-Bike loan.  

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For people who live, work or study in Camden

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Choose from these types of bicycle: 

1.    Dutch-style step-through pedal bicycle

Versatile, comfortable bikes for urban commuting and leisure cycling.  Easy to ride, suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists.     

Cambridge Bobbin bike Gazelle Paris bike

2.    Folding bike

A Brompton may not be quite as quick and comfortable as a standard full-size bike, but ideal for carrying and storing in small spaces.  A folded bicycle can be taken on public transport at peak times.  For security, our Brompton should be kept close to the rider and not be left in public places.  

Brompton folding bike

3.    Dutch style step-through electric bikes

Our Gazelle Vento electric bikes are easy to ride, let you go further with less effort and help you go up hills.  They come with detachable battery and a charger which plugs into a standard power socket.  The bikes have a range of at least 40 miles on a single charge.  

Gazelle electric bike


These bikes are available on loan for four weeks.  We take a returnable deposit of £10 for our Dutch-style pedal bikes, or £50 for our Brompton and for electric assisted bikes. 

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For Camden parents

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Our Tern GSD electric assisted passenger bike is easy to ride.  It is the same size as a regular bike, and handles like one.  It has two passenger spaces at the back.  Different types of child seat can be mounted so that children of various ages can be carried securely (not shown on illustration).  

The bike is capable of carrying 170kg (27 stone), comprising rider, passengers and any additional load.   It comes with detachable battery and charger, which plugs into a standard power socket.  For more information about this bike see

This bike is offered on loan against a returnable deposit of £200.  

Tern GSD electric cargo bike

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For Camden businesses

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Our Tern GSD electric assisted cargo bike is easy to ride.  It is the same size as a regular bike, and handles like one.  It has a cargo area measuring 400mm by 600mm, suitable for carrying standard size crates.  The maximum gross vehicle weight is 200 kg (440 lb), which amounts to 172 kg (380 lb) for rider and cargo allowing for the weight of the bike (28 kg / 60 lb) .  The bike comes with detachable battery and a charger, which plugs into a standard power socket.  

Camden Cargo Bike Network

The Camden Cargo Bike Network provides free freight audits to assess your cost saving potential from reduced delivery times, ULEZ charges and fuel costs.  This will help you achieve:

  • Zero emission deliveries
  • Reliable journey times
  • No fuel costs, congestion charges and ULEZ charges
  • Building a reputation as a sustainable, low-carbon business

The cargo bike is available on loan for a returnable deposit of £200.  

If you would like more information about the Camden Cargo Bike Network, please contact Paul Davis or Michelle Jamieson

phone:  020 7974 5537

or email:

Tern GSD electric cargo bike

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During the bike loan

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The collection location is Phoenix Court, Purchese St, Kings Cross, NW1 1EL

We will ask you to sign a loan agreement with details of your deposit, the bike and the equipment.

One of our cycle instructors will fit your bike and helmet. You need to demonstrate that you can safely control the bike.  If you are unsure, register first for free Camden Cycle Skills training

Your bicycle shouldn't need any maintenance during the 4-week loan, but you may need to pump up the tyres. We can show how to do this when you collect your bicycle. 

Overnight the bike must be stored in a secure, sheltered place.  You must always lock the bicycle when it's unattended, even just for a moment.   

If the bicycle is stolen, you must contact the police immediately to report the theft and get a crime reference number. After you have done this, phone us as soon as possible with this information. If the bicycle gets damaged, you must stop cycling and phone us for advice about what to do next.

At the end of the loan period you must return the Camden Bike to Phoenix Court where you collected it. The bike will be checked for damage and your deposit returned if all is well. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the loan period.

If you find cycling with Try-A-Bike a positive experience, we would encourage you to buy a bike of your own from a trader of your choice and continue travelling by bike.  

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