Apply for a skip licence

You need a licence to put a skip on a public road. You don’t need one if you put the skip on private land. You need a parking suspension if you take up all or part of a parking space. You can’t put a skip on the pavement.

Before you start

You must apply at least 5 working days before you need your licence and suspension to start. Only a skip company can apply for a skip licence. Individuals, residents and agents cannot apply.

A licence costs:

  • £60.00 for two weeks
  • £87.00 for four weeks

Your parking suspension must last for the number of days the skip will remain on the road. Details of the parking space suspensions costs are detailed below. You will need to provide the road and exact location of where you want to place the skip.

Prices are based on a per space, per day charge:

1 day: £43.64

2-5 days: £47.99

6-10 days: £52.37

11-14 days: £56.73

15-42 days: £65.46

43-183 days: £82.91

Apply for a skip licence  

What happens after you apply

We aim to approve applications within 3 working days. If you include your email address when you apply, we will email your license number which you will need when you apply for a parking suspension.

We will contact you if your application is unsuitable or if we need further information to assess your application. Allow 5 working days before contacting us to ask if your application has been approved.

Application decisions

When deciding whether to give permission for a skip licence we will consider:

  • the size and location of the skip
  • the amount of time the skip will be on the public road
  • any works taking place in the location including building, utility and road works which could disrupt traffic flow
  • why the skip is required
  • the parking restrictions at the location
  • if any necessary parking suspensions are in place

We only allow skips larger than a standard builders’ skip (8 cubic yards) under exceptional circumstances. This is because a builder’s skip is around the same size as a parking space. If we give permission for a skip licence, it will be subject to set guidelines. We may add additional licence conditions to some applications.

Search for skips

You can search for skips currently placed on public roads:

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