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Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer

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Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer

Each Neighbourhood Housing Officer covers around 500 homes and help council tenants and leaseholders with many tenancy related matters.

Areas of support include:

  • Supporting with tenancy requests such as successions, mutual exchanges, and home improvements
  • Helping residents achieve improvements to their estates by working with resident groups
  • Supporting residents when they experience problems within the community, such as anti-social behaviour
  • Helping to make sure the area residents live in feels clean and safe
  • Offering advice in the areas of resolving disputes, cost of living worries, and housing options to support tenants to reach their own solutions
  • Supporting with welfare concerns, keeping in mind our most vulnerable residents
  • Work with other services to meet resident’s diverse needs such as like cost of living, debt advice
  • If a tenant chooses to move out, offering advice on what they need to do

Who is my neighbourhood housing officer?

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