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Order a bin, box or bag

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Order a bin, box or bag

Order a bin, box or bag

You can order:

  • recycling bins, boxes and bags
  • food waste caddies

Enter your address and then select the yellow "Order bins, bags and recycling supplies" button on your property's service page 

Order a new bin, box or bag 

Compostable caddy liners are no longer available for delivery. They can now be collected for free from Camden libraries. If you are unable to visit Camden's libraries for health reasons then please call Veolia.

  • your old ones are missing or damaged
  • you have recently moved into your property

Some bins or bags are not suitable for some properties.  For example, large wheelie bins are not suitable if you have no space to store them. 

Rubbish bin requests may take up to six weeks to review, approve and deliver. We may contact you to discuss your requirements.

Order bags for clothes, batteries or electrics

If you live in a house or converted house you can order extra bags for:

  • clothes and textiles
  • household batteries
  • small electrical items

Order bags

Or call Veolia.

Change your wheelie bin

If you have a large wheelie bin, you can swap it for a slimmer wheelie bin for free.

You will need to provide your address.

Change your wheelie bin

Or call Veolia.

Additional waste collections and container hire for estates, blocks and communal collections

All waste needs to be stored on a property before the regular scheduled collections. 
For larger properties, including estates and blocks of flats, and for households wanting to share “communal” bins, we can provide additional waste collections and hire out containers at a cost.
These charges for additional services apply to all households and housing providers, including council housing estates and new developments, and are required to cover the provision of extra services and the purchase and maintenance of extra containers.

For private estates and households, a service agreement and credit application will need to be signed to cover the cost of bin hire and any additional collections required.

Additional waste collections and container hire should be arranged through Camden Veolia's dedicated business recycling & waste team. 
To find out more and request a quote for new services, you can: