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Support for leaseholders

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Support for leaseholders

Leaseholder Services provide a range of legal and administrative support to leaseholders. However, they are not able to answer all leaseholder queries. To get the right help, make sure you are contacting the right team. 

Housing repairs

As a leaseholder, all repairs in your home are your responsibility.  We have created home repair videos which explain how to fix common problems

If you have a leak within your property you need to arrange for a plumber to investigate and fix it. If the leak is coming from an upstairs flat or your plumber finds that it is coming from communal pipes, then you need to report a communal repair. This is the same for issues with a lift, stairwell or garden.

We are responsible for communal ventilation and heating. If you have this in your home and there is a problem, you should report a housing repair.

Parking on your estate

You can apply to rent a parking space or garage on your estate. Find out more about parking on an estate.

Report noise or anti-social behaviour

We want you to enjoy your home without being harassed or affected by your neighbour’s behaviour. Contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer in the first instance. You can also contact your housing officer about other issues relating to the environment on your estate, such as mess in communal gardens.

Exemption from repair costs for historical safety defects

The Building Safety Act 2022 introduced several measures to improve safety in residential buildings and reduce potential risks. The Act ensures that qualifying leaseholders are protected from crippling bills for historical safety defects. Find out if you are a qualifying leaseholder.

Support that Leaseholder Services provide

Understand and pay your service charges

You will receive an estimated service charges invoice in March and an actual service charges invoice in September for the previous year. Find out more about:

If you still have questions about your service charges you can:

Progress on major works

Major works are managed by our Capital Works team. If you want to find out more about progress you can go to:

You can find out more about the major works consultation process and billing in our major works guide for leaseholders. If you have any queries, you can email [email protected]

Get permission to alter your property 

You need to speak with us before you make changes to your property. Many changes will require permission from Leaseholder Services as well as other Camden services. Find out more about making alterations to your property

Arrange to sell your leasehold property

If you plan to sell your leasehold property, you need to order a seller's pack. The pack costs £200 and includes things like:

  • an up-to-date statement of your service charge account showing any invoices outstanding
  • copies of Section 20 notices about major works and basic information about any work the council may carry out to the block or estate in the future  
  • information about the lease requirements if the leaseholder intends to make any alterations or rent out the property

Order a seller’s pack

Find out more about selling your property

Tell us if you want to sublet your property

You need to let us know if you plan to let out your leasehold property and give us information about your tenants. If you don’t, you will have breached your lease. Find out more about subletting your property

Extend your lease

Camden does not offer voluntary lease extensions, but you may have a statutory right to extend your lease if you have held it for two years. Before starting this process, you should appoint a solicitor and get independent advice from the Leasehold Advisory Service. We cannot provide advice because we are not an independent service. Email [email protected]

Buy the freehold of your building as part of a group

A group of leaseholders can buy the freehold of their building from us if certain conditions are met. This is called “collective enfranchisement”. Find out more about buying the freehold

Other queries relating to your lease

You may have other queries relating to your lease such as purchasing land or use of a garden.

Make a complaint 

If you are unhappy with how we have handled your query, or you feel that we haven't solved your problem you can make a complaint.