Selling your property

Order a Seller’s Pack (also known as an ‘Assignment Pack’)

Order a Seller’s Pack

The Seller's Pack will provide information about your property to the buyer’s solicitor.   Also, if you are re-mortgaging your home your lender will often want the information in the Seller’s Pack.

The Seller's Pack costs £200. You must pay this by debit or credit card when completing the online request.
Only you or your solicitor can request a pack. We will not provide a Seller’s Pack to the person(s) buying the property.  

Your pack will usually be sent to you within 15 working days of receipt of your payment.

EWS1 Forms

A number of leaseholders have requested the completion of an EWS1 form, in order to either re-mortgage their property or to sell their property to a buyer who, in turn, requires an EWS1 form from their mortgage lender. Please read the Council’s EWS1 form statement below for further information.

EWS1 statement

The Seller’s Pack will include

  • an up-to-date statement of your service charge account showing any invoices outstanding
  • a copy of the current service charge estimate
  • copies of the service charge accounts for the previous three years
  • details of the building insurance  
  • statements about fire and asbestos risk assessments
  • copies of Section 20 notices about major works
  • basic information about any work the council may carry out to the block/estate in the future.  
  • general information about the property such as how many flats there are in the building and how many have been sold
  • information about the lease requirements if the leaseholder intends to rent out the property
  • information about the lease requirements if the leaseholder intends to make any alterations to the property

Just bought or remortgaging your property?

Bought your property through Right to Buy? 

Your solicitor must send us a formal notice of charge providing details of your mortgage and pay our fee of £62.

Bought your property on the open market? 

Your solicitor must send us a formal notice of assignment confirming the lease has been transferred and pay our fee of £62. In addition, if you have a mortgage your solicitor must also send us a formal notice of charge and pay our fee of £62.  

Remortgaging your property? 

Your solicitor needs to send us a notice of mortgage and pay a fee of £62.


  • notice of charge £62
  • notice of assignment £62
  • notice of mortgage £62

All cheques must be made payable to the "London Borough of Camden" and sent to:
Leaseholder Services
Town Hall
Judd Street
London WC1H 9JE