The consultation process

Major Works Guide

Camden must consult with leaseholders if we intend to carry out works, repairs or improvements to your block or estate. How we consult with you depends on the type of contract we use to carry out the works.

Qualifying Long Term Agreement (QLTA)

This is an agreement with a contractor to provide goods or services lasting more than 12 months. If leaseholders will be required to pay more than £100 per year we must consult with them.  Examples of a QLTA include: building insurance, grounds maintenance, lift and door entry maintenance contracts.

Where a QLTA includes works to properties, for example, general building maintenance, and leaseholders will be required to pay more than £250 each, an additional consultation must be carried out.  Please refer to the section below called ‘Qualifying Works’.

Qualifying Works

We consult with leaseholders if a QLTA includes works to properties, such as general building maintenance where leaseholders will be required to pay more than £250 each. There is one stage of consultation with leaseholders.

Stage 1 - Notice of Intention  

We write to each leaseholder and Residents Tenants Association (if one exists) who may be affected by the contract to:

  • describe the proposed works and why we think they are necessary
  • provide the total estimated cost of the proposed works
  • give leaseholders 30 days to send us their observations/comments in writing

The Public Contracts Regulations

The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) and the Public Procurement (Amendment)(EU Exit) Regulations 2020 (PPAR 2020) require the Council, as a public authority, to advertise any agreements over £5,336,937 for works, or £426,955 for services, by way of a public notice. This notice is advertised in the United Kingdom FTS (Find a Tender Service). Where it is necessary to issue such a public notice, the right of leaseholders to nominate a contractor, or service provider, themselves does not apply.

In addition to the consultation we are legally required to carry out, Camden has introduced a Better Homes and a Mechanical and Electrical planned works pre leaseholder consultation process. This resident engagement is managed by the planned works teams.


Calculations and payment options

Major works calculations 

Each property has a Rateable Value (RV) based on its size and location. Estate Rateable Values (ERV) are calculated by adding together the RVs for all the properties on the estate.  Similarly Block Rateable Values (BRVs) are calculated by adding together the RVs for all the properties in the block.

We work out the cost for major works by using rateable values. We divide the cost of works to the estate by the ERV and multiply this by your property RV.

For example:

Total cost £7681.39 A
Block RV 603 B
Property RV 376 C
Property cost £4789.72 D

A divided by B, multiplied by C, equals D

When will I receive an invoice?

If the costs are available we will include them in your April estimate. We will ask you to start making payments when works start on site. After the end of the financial year, we will work out your share of any expenditure for major works and send you an actual adjustment in September. If we are unable to provide an estimate, your end of year September statement of expenditure will include monies we have paid for major works.

Major Works Payment Options

When the Council carries out major works to the block or the estate where you live, your lease requires that you have to pay towards the cost. We recognise that it can be difficult for some leaseholders to meet the costs of major works bills.  Therefore we offer a number of different options for leaseholders.  Details can be found in our Major Works Guide.

If you wish to discuss these options with us, please call us on 020 7974 4444.

Major Works estimated invoices - 2022/23

Leaseholders will be sent an estimated invoice at the end of March if Camden anticipates carrying out major work to your building or estate next financial year.

You will only need to make payments towards the bill once works have started on site. We will write to you with a works start on site letter when works commence.

Please refer to the attached guide for further information.

If you have any concerns about this or any other aspect of your service charges please contact us for more information;

Boroughwide consultations

Current Consultations

First Tier Tribunal Dispensation Application May 2019 - Long Term Agreement for the supply of electricity and gas (notices and all documents)

First Tier Tribunal Dispensation Application November 2017 - Long Term Agreement for the supply of electricity (notices and all documents)

The Tribunal has granted the dispensation. In line with paragraph 3 of the Tribunal’s further directions dated 12 January 2018, attached is a copy of the determination as well your appeal rights. Please note we have added the new contract details below, see contract information below.

NHH Electricity Supply 2018

Camden Council has entered into a long-term agreement for the supply of electricity. The service is the supply of electricity for the common parts, for example supplying lighting and lifts across Camden’s housing estates within the London Borough of Camden via Non Half Hourly Meters. These are electricity meters, which do not automatically read consumption every half an hour. The profile class for these meters are 01-04 (quarterly billed). Due to the nature of the energy market, the council was not able to comply with all the consultation requirements and has applied to the First Tier Tribunal (property chamber) for a dispensation.

Please see below the relevant documentation and application relating to the above;

You can also request information on the dispensation from

Camden have awarded the following Non Half Hourly FTFP Electricity Supply contract:

•    Name of Supplier - SSE
•    Date of Agreement – 4 June 2020
•    The Contract Duration – 12 months
•    The date upon which the supply starts – 1 October 2020
•    The date upon which the supply ends – 30 September 2021

•    Name of Supplier - SSE
•    Date of Agreement – 28 July 2021
•    The Contract Duration – 12 months
•    The date upon which the supply starts – 1 October 2021
•    The date upon which the supply ends – 30 September 2022

•       Name of Supplier - NPower Flex
•       Date of Agreement – 1 October 2020
•       The Contract Duration – 24 months
•       The date upon which the supply starts – 1 October 2022
•       The date upon which the supply ends – 30 September 2024

Leasehold Building Insurance

Camden has tendered for the provision of the leasehold building insurance, which has resulted in entering into a long-term agreement. We consulted with leaseholders on the proposal. The current contract with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Broker Ltd will expire on the 31st March 2023.


Current Major Works Projects

Current Consultations

19-002 - Maiden Lane Boiler Replacement Works

Please note that Camden have appointed a consultant to carry out an updated options appraisal in early 2020. This report will reconsider some of the renewable heating options for Maiden Lane Estate. This takes into account the views expressed by residents that they are supportive of more renewable options.

Details of this further options appraisal will be included in the second stage of leaseholder consultation, the Notice of Proposal.

Proposed external refurbishment work at 1-238 - Levita House

Please see below the relevant documentation and information about the works.