Camden Planning Guidance

Camden Planning Guidance (CPG) provides advice and information on how we will apply our planning policies.

The adopted CPG documents can be 'material considerations' in planning decisions. However, they have less weight than the Local Plan or other development plan documents.

A number of CPG documents were adopted in January 2021. The full list of adopted documents are : 

The latest CPG documents were approved by Council on 15 January 2021 following consultation. The changes to the documents and consultation responses are summarised within the report below : 


The previous CPG documents  were adopted by Council on 26 March 2018. and 18 March 2019 following consultation. Copies of the consultation responses were included within the reports linked above.


Planning Frameworks and Briefs

Planning frameworks and briefs are used to set out guidelines, objectives and priorities with regards to the development of some of the most significant sites and areas in the borough where major proposals are likely to come forward.

Home energy retrofit guidance

Retrofitting Planning Guidance

The Retrofitting Planning Guidance (PDF) has been developed to help residents understand the planning process required to install low carbon technologies in homes.

Energy efficiency planning guidance for conservation areas

Energy efficiency planning guidance for conservation areas (PDF) provides guidance to residents who are considering making energy efficiency improvements to residential properties in conservation areas.

Green Homes Grant

Homeowners and landlords in England can apply for a voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient and low-carbon heating improvements to homes. The government will provide a voucher that covers up to two thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements to your home (up to a maximum contribution of £5,000 or £10,000, if you qualify). For details please see government advice on this webpage. 

The Council has also hosted a webinar on the Green Homes Grant, with other useful information on retrofit – available on this webpage

There are a number of things to consider before starting works to your home, one is whether you require planning permission and/or listed building consent. Some works may not need planning permission this is called ‘permitted development’ but may require certain conditions to be followed.  Before embarking on any internal or external works to listed buildings, please discuss the matter with a member of the built heritage Conservation Team ( or apply for listed building consent, details available here. Listed building consent is always required for works that have the potential to affect the character or special interest of a listed building.

The factsheets below are intended to provide information on the improvements covered by the grant, specifically:

  • whether planning permission is required or not (permitted development means planning permission is not required);
  • if planning permission is required - how to apply for planning permission; and
  • what will be the likely planning considerations.

Items covered by the Green Homes Grant 

Primary measures

Secondary Measures