Planning frameworks and briefs provide guidance for specific areas of Camden where we expect growth and development to happen.  These documents provide additional place-based guidance to support the Local Plan and help guide development in those areas. They are an important consideration when the Council assesses planning applications.

Place-based guidance currently being developed

The Council is preparing place-based guidance for a number of areas in the borough.  These are:

Place-based guidance

The following planning frameworks and briefs have been adopted


Adoption Date

Camden Good Yards (PDF)

July 2017

Mount Pleasant (PDF)

February 2012

Denmark Place Planning Brief (PDF) 

July 2004

Euston Planning Framework (PDF)

April 2009

Hawley Wharf Area Planning Framework (PDF)

February 2009

King's Cross Opportunity Area Planning & Development Brief  (PDF)

January 2004

Midland Road Site, Land to Rear of British Library Planning Brief (PDF)

October 2003

Addendum to the British Library Planning Brief (PDF)

July 2008

Phoenix Place Planning Brief (PDF) 

April 2002

St. Giles Court Planning Brief  (PDF)

July 2004

Tottenham Court Road Underground Station and St Giles High Street Planning Framework (PDF)

July 2004


Contact the planning advice and information service for more information.