The Council adopted West End Lane to Finchley Road: Principles for a new place as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 24 September 2021

It has been prepared as planning guidance to ensure that proposals that come forward for the area covered can deliver a range of public benefits.

These benefits should help to meet our Camden Plan ambitions, relevant Development Plan policies and aspirations of the Fortune Green and West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan in relation to the O2 Centre site, neighbouring sites and immediate surroundings.

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Public consultation on the draft planning guidance took place from 24 February to 6 April 2021. 

Responses to the consultation helped us update and revise a final version of the adopted SPD.

An Equalities Impact Assessment was carried out during the preparation of the planning guidance.

The Council also considered whether the planning guidance requires statutory Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment and prepared this screening report:

What happens next?

The Supplementary Planning Document will be used as a material consideration in decision making on planning applications.  

Further planning policy guidance for sites in the area are proposed in a new Draft Site Allocations Plan that is being produced.

There may also be separate consultations organised by landowners and developers for proposals for sites in the area in the future.

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