Site Allocations Review

Camden is growing, and it’s essential we respond to that growth in a way that benefits our whole community. That’s why Camden Council is developing a new Site Allocations Local Plan for Camden.  The Plan identifies a number key development sites and areas across the borough. It sets out how they should be developed in the future. They should be planned in a way that respects the local character of the surrounding area. They should also meet the needs of local communities and businesses. 
Once adopted this Plan will replace policies in the 2013 Site Allocations Plan. It will be used alongside other policies in Camden’s Development Plan to assess development proposals on key sites and areas.

Consultation on the Draft Plan

Following approval by Cabinet in November 2019 Cabinet we consulted on the draft Site Allocations Local Plan document.  

The process for preparing Local Plans includes a number of statutory stages including at least two formal rounds of public consultation. The first formal consultation on the Site Allocations Local Plan was carried out between 13 February and 27 March 2020.

We are currently preparing a statement setting out information about the consultation, the number of comments, what they said and what we are doing to address them. This statement will be updated and published at each stage of the plan-making process and submitted to the Inspector for consideration as part of the examination of the Plan.

Supporting evidence documents

The policies in the Site Allocations Local Plan need to reflect up to date and relevant evidence about the social, economic and environmental characteristics. In preparing the Camden Local Plan 2017 the Council collected a wide range of evidence. We consider that the majority of this evidence remains relevant and up to date and forms a robust basis for policies within this Plan but for some matters we recognise that there is a need to produce new or updated evidence to support the production of this Plan.

To support the preparation of the Draft Plan we have prepared the following evidence: