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Draft Site Allocations consultation

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Draft Site Allocations consultation

Site Allocations Review

Camden started a review of the 2013 Site Allocations Plan in 2018. A draft Site Allocations Local Plan (SALP) document was produced. The Plan identified a number key development sites and areas across the borough and sets out how they should be developed in the future. 

Consultation on the Draft SALP

The first formal consultation on the draft Site Allocations Local Plan was carried out between 13 February and 27 March 2020. To view the document click on the chapters below:

2020 Draft Site Allocation Local Plan 

A further consultation on the 2020 draft Site Allocations Local Plan was also undertaken between November 2021 and 24 January 2022. This included :

A virtual public meeting : Site Allocations Meeting video archive - Camden (


Two further consultations on the Council's commonplace website - one focused on policies for growth areas and individual sites and the other focused on climate action in Camden.

Camden Site Allocations – Commonplace for Growth Areas and individual sites

Camden Site Allocations – Commonplace for Climate action

We received over 1000 responses to both consultations. The comments we received during both of these consultations can be found below.

Supporting evidence documents

The policies in the Site Allocations Local Plan need to reflect up to date and relevant evidence about the social, economic and environmental characteristics. In preparing the Camden Local Plan 2017 the Council collected a wide range of evidence. We consider that the majority of this evidence remains relevant and up to date and forms a robust basis for policies within this Plan but for some matters we recognise that there is a need to produce new or updated evidence to support the production of this Plan.

To support the preparation of the Draft SALP we prepared the following evidence:

The site allocations that were previously consulted upon in the draft Site Allocations Local Plan 2020 have now been incorporated into the draft new Local Plan 2024.

The draft new Local Plan 2024 replaces the 2020 draft Site Allocations Local Plan and once adopted will supersede the Camden Site Allocations Local Plan 2013.