Kentish Town Planning Framework

The Kentish Town Planning Framework was adopted on the 17th July 2020.
The framework sets out a vision and key objectives for this area of the borough as an innovative and sustainable mixed-use new neighbourhood with industrial, commercial and creative activity, harmoniously provided alongside high quality homes that support a diverse local community.   
The framework is a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) designed to support the Local Plan objectives and guide future development proposals in the area. The framework is an important consideration when assessing planning applications.

What happens next?

The Local Plan and the Planning Framework require a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to development in the framework area.
With the planning framework now in place we are working with the Greater London Authority (GLA) to explore the delivery options to support a comprehensive approach.  Over the next few months we plan to engage with landowners to explore how this can be achieved and develop the delivery strategy.
As set out in the planning framework, for the comprehensive development to happen in this area, it is expected to come forward on the basis of two planning applications, one covering the Murphy site and one for the Regis Road Growth Area (or a single application covering both). Plot-by-plot or piecemeal redevelopment proposals will not be acceptable.
Until comprehensive redevelopment comes forward, we want this area to remain a functioning industrial area, which provides jobs and contributes to our economy.  Any business or landowner considering short-term maintenance works that would require planning permission or the longer-term future of their site should be aware of the requirements of the planning guidance and get in touch with the Council before advancing proposals.

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