Our services for families

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. If you're feeling worried about your child, or you want to make a change in your life, Camden Early Help is here for you, your children and your whole family.

What we offer

  • Free support service for families with children aged 0 to 19 in Camden
  • Practical and emotional support with a range of life issues
  • Working with you and your family to help make changes
  • Helping you and your family to feel connected in your community.

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Our services

  • Camden Sure Start - full range of support in your local children's centre if you're pregnant or have a child under five
  • Early Help co-ordinators - talk to us to see how our service might be able to help you (contact details above)
  • First Stop Early Help - family support for up to 12 weeks (contact details above)
  • Families in Focus - family support for six to 12 months
  • Transformation Team - will work with you for 12 months plus
  • Youth Early Help - a full range of help and support for families with children aged 11 plus. See also youth services

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Making a referral to Early Help

Contacting our service - professionals

Professionals who wish to refer a child to Early Help services should complete a common assessment framework (CAF) referral form, also known as an eCAF referral when you are completing the form online via the Mosaic system (see below).

  • Email the CAF form via the MASH secure email address (you need an account with a secure email provider, such as CJSM, to do this)
  • Or password protect the CAF form and email it to LBCMASHadmin@camden.gov.uk (non-secure email address)
  • For urgent child protection referrals (which must be confirmed in writing within 48 hours) or to make a general enquiry and speak to a social worker, please phone 020 7974 3317 (out of hours: 020 7974 4444).

Getting consent for a referral

Before making a referral, professionals should tell the parent or carer that a referral is being made and seek their consent - except where there are clear child protection concerns, when a referral can be made without parental consent.

Further guidance for professionals

Using the CAF referral form

The common assessment framework (CAF) is a standard approach for professionals to assess children and their families, to enable any additional needs they may have to be identified early and to help services respond in a more co-ordinated and integrated way.

When a professional is concerned about a child or young person’s progress and identifies additional needs that cannot be met by universal services, they will use a CAF referral form - also known as an eCAF when completed online.

In Camden, eCAF referrals are accessed via the Mosaic case management system. Existing Mosaic users can access the CAF via their usual Mosaic logins. Professionals who are not Mosaic users can use the CAF referral form here to make referrals.

Camden’s learning and development service offers training in how to use eCAF, which practitioners must attend before they can have access to it. We would encourage you to do so. However, for those professionals not already on the Mosaic system who need to make a referral, you can download the CAF form, fill it in and email it to us (see above or the end of the form for details).

If you are an eCAF user and are having trouble logging onto your Mosaic account or need a new password, please contact Camden's IT service desk on 020 7974 4321.

How to book eCAF training