Camden's play offer

The play provision in Camden is run by community and voluntary organisations. They are funded by the Council to provide after-school clubs and holiday playschemes for children aged four to 12. This provision includes specialist services for vulnerable children, young people and their families with varying needs.

Holiday play schemes 2023

After-school play and childcare

Camden primary schools are linked to their local play providers.

Other childcare providers

Find further details of all childcare providers, including holiday and after school provision (called out of school care) for over 5s

Cut the cost of play and childcare

Places at discounted cost are available for low income working parents and full time students. You may be eligible for a place at discounted cost if you live in Camden and:

  • you qualify for working tax credit and your income is less than £35,000, or
  • you are a lone parent working 16 hours or more and you qualify for child tax credit, or
  • you are in full time education

There are three steps to claiming a discount

Step 1. Claim Tax Credit

There are two types of tax credit – Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. You only need to complete one claim form even if you want to claim both.

You can only get a tax credits claim pack from the Tax Credit Helpline: 0345 300 3900. You can't download a claim form or make your claim online.

For more about working tax credit and how to claim go to

Step 2. Apply for the Camden Play discount

download: Subsidised play eligibility assessment form (Word)

If you receive a discount it will reduce your Tax Credit by a small amount. However, the lower cost of play sessions will be bigger than the change to your Tax Credit. This means you will be better off.

Step 3. Tell the Tax Credit Office

Once you qualify for the Camden discount you will need to let the Tax Credit Office know.

Are there any free places?

There are free places for children assessed as being ‘Children in Need’ and disabled children eligible for short breaks.

If your family currently has a social worker, please contact them for further details on accessing a free place.