What is our Camden planning guidance?

Camden Planning Guidance (CPG) provides advice and information on how we will apply our planning policies.

The Council has reviewed its Camden Planning Guidance documents to support the delivery of the Camden Local Plan. This is following its adoption in 2017. The adopted CPG documents can be 'material considerations' in planning decisions. However, they have less weight than the Local Plan or other development plan documents.

Adopted CPG documents:

(All PDFs)

The previous CPG 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 documents have now been fully replaced. CPG 2 - Housing has been updated as part of the reviews and is included above. The document includes notes to show where text has been replaced or removed.

The CPG documents have been adopted by the Council. Phase 1 of the review was adopted following consultation on 26 March 2018. Phase 2 of the review was adopted following consultation on 18 March 2019. Copies of the consultation responses were included within the reports linked above.

(Both PDFs)