What is tell us once?

What is the Tell Us Once service?

Tell Us Once is a shared database and partnership between Camden and other departments across government. Once you have registered the death, we can enter some details of the deceased on this system enabling you to then complete the second part within 21 days. Once you have completed the second part, the system will automatically inform all the government departments you select.  This will save you the time and hassle of contacting each department individually. 

Which organisations will be notified through Tell Us Once?


  •     Identity and Passport Service (IPS) - for British passport cancellation
  •     Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - for UK driving licence cancellation
  •     Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) - for Pension Service; Disability and Carer's Service, Jobcentre Plus and Overseas Health Team
  •     Ministry of Defence, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency - for War Pensions Scheme
  •     HM Revenue and Customs - for Child benefit, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit and Personal Taxation.

Council departments*

  •     housing benefit
  •     council tax benefit
  •     council tax 
  •     libraries
  •     electoral register
  •     blue and green badges
  •     adult services
  •     children’s services
  •     council housing

* these only apply if the deceased lived in a borough or county which also provides the Tell Us Once service

How can I use the service?

By telephone

Please call the Department for Work and Pensions on 0800 085 7308. The lines are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm. This number is free to call from a BT landline. Other providers, including mobile phone operators, may charge you.

If you don’t speak English, please call on 0800 085 7308 and one of the advisers and an interpreter will call you back and help you.


Your registrar will give you a link to the government website and a unique reference number to login.

At the end of your appointment you will be given a summary paper with your reference number which you will need to select the departments you wish to inform of the death.

Those departments may contact you separately to confirm that the processing is complete. 

What happens to the information you enter on Tell Us Once?

The information you provide will be treated securely and confidentially. The organisations that get the information will use it to update records; to end services, benefits and entitlements; and to resolve any outstanding issues.

Our privacy statement (PDF) tells you how the information you provide when using this service will be used and protected.
Sharing your details with other council services

By allowing your details to be used across other council services, you are allowing us to re-use information. For further information please refer to the Data Protection Act 1998