Resident permit information

A resident permit does not guarantee you a space to park in your street, but it allows you to park within the controlled parking zone where you live. Our resident permits are electronic and nothing is displayed in the vehicle.

Talking to us about someone else’s permit

If you would like to discuss or amend a parking permit on behalf of someone else we need the written permission from the permit holder.

You can give us written permission by emailing our permits processing team at

Car free housing (S106 agreements)

Camden runs a number of car free housing schemes.

This means that you will need to check your lease, freehold or tenancy agreement before applying for a resident parking permit, to make sure it is not a car free property.

If you obtain a permit when you are not entitled to one and we later withdraw it, we will not refund the remainder of the fee. This is outlined in the terms and conditions.

CA-X permit holders

If you live or have lived on one of the below 6 streets, and have purchased a resident parking permit or a visitor permit over the last 9 years, you may be due a refund due to an error we have discovered within our Traffic Management Order (TMO):

  • Bergholt Mews
  • Crofter's Way
  • Ploughman's Close
  • Reaper's Close
  • Rossendale Way
  • Weaver's Way

A small number of streets were not listed in the original TMO for the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), which meant that we were unable to enforce parking restrictions within these streets. Affected residents raised concerns that they had historically purchased resident parking permits and visitor permits to provide access to parking within the vicinity of their homes, despite these streets being unenforceable as they did not fall under the relevant TMO.

Given the above, we have come to the decision to provide all Elm Village residents that reside, or have resided in one of the above 6 streets, a full refund of any residents' parking permits or visitor permits that they have obtained within the last 9 years, including an interest rate of 8%.

We will be contacting all affected residents shortly by email / letter with details of how we intend to refund this money to them.

If you haven't been contacted by us, and believe that you are eligible for a refund, please contact us on the following email address outlining your name, the address you lived at and the number of permits you purchased. We can then investigate if you are due a refund.