Gospel Oak and Haverstock Community Vision

Change is already taking place in Gospel Oak and Haverstock as part of the Community Investment Programme, and several more development proposals are likely to come forward in the near future. Much needed new homes have already been built in the area, with more to come that either have planning approval or are currently under construction.

Camden Council therefore developed the first draft of the Community Vision for Gospel Oak and Haverstock - a planning framework that will help to guide where and how money is invested in the neighbourhood to make it a better place to live, work and visit.

What is the Community Vision?

The draft Vision builds on existing policies and priorities in the adopted Local Plan to set out the Councils emerging planning vision for the area.

The guidance sets out some key development principles and planning objectives to help shape, influence and guide future development proposals in the area so that they are acceptable and can deliver positive benefits and improvements to make the area even better for the local community.

While it covers a different area and different sites, it is also intended to complement other plans that have been adopted or are at different stages in their preparation. Further details on these can be found at:

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan 
Kentish Town planning framework
New Camden Site Allocations Plan  
Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan
Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan

What happens next?

We know that local people know their area better than anyone else, which is why we have involved you in shaping the future of the area and helping us to refine the draft Community Vision before a final version is formed and approved.

Before writing and consulting on the draft Community Vision, we first spent time asking and listening to what local people thought about their neighbourhood, and how they wished to see it change in the future.

This first stage of engagement ran between October 2020 and July 2021.  We heard from over 460 residents via a survey and over 200 residents in person on a range of matters of importance for future change in the area. We also ran a Neighbourhood Assembly during this time. 

The findings from all of these conversations are summarised in a stage one engagement report and neighbourhood assembly report:

Gospel Oak and Haverstock Community Vision - Stage 1 report, August 2021 (pdf)

You can access a copy of the assembly report by clicking on this link.

This feedback was then used to create the draft Community Vision.

Consultation on the draft Community Vision was originally scheduled to run until 17th December 2021, but was extended to 20th January 2022 to give a further chance for people to have their say.

The consultation was open to local residents, businesses, workers, community groups, visitors, and anyone else who has a connection or interest in the area.

You can still look at the consultation materials and online responses here.

We also received responses through questionnaires and drop-in sessions at St Martin’s Church and Queens Crescent Library.

Responses to the consultation will be considered to help us update and revise a final version of the document. A consultation feedback summary of the responses is being prepared and will be published on the Council's website. 

It is planned that a final Community Vision will be published and then adopted as a supplementary planning document in autumn 2022.

Have a question or want to get in touch?

If you have any questions, want any further information or want to be kept updated, email us at: GOHCommunityVision@camden.gov.uk