How can I get involved?

There's never a better time than now to get involved in one of Camden's fantastic parks and green spaces. Please check out the sections above or follow the links from this section if you’re interested in:

  • alcohol barbecues and picnics in parks
  • allotments and food growing projects
  • biodiversity in Camden
  • commemorative benches, artworks and memorials
  • having your say on improvement projects in Camden's green spaces
  • holding an event in a Camden park
  • health and well being benefits of our green spaces
  • sports including booking a tennis court, netball court or multi use games area (MUGA). As well as free to play sites (outdoor gyms, MUGAs, skatepark)
  • volunteering

If you have an idea to improve the health of the community and want to host free activities in one of our green spaces, we welcome applications from individuals or community organisations who want to make a difference. Please see here for more information. We do need you to apply online via our events team Online application form but don’t let that put you off; the Green Space and Events team are always available to discuss your idea. Do email us and we can help get you started.


Camden is also home to world-famous parks like Regent's Park, managed by The Royal Parks; Hampstead Heath, managed by the Corporation of London; Highgate Cemetery, managed by the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust; Regent's Canal, managed by The Canal and Rivers Trust.

Barbecues, alcohol, and picnics in parks

BBQs in Camden Parks

Thank you for checking our webpage before having your barbeque.

We do allow barbecues in our parks. Currently, barbecues are permitted between 18 April 2023 and 19 September 2023 only. The season is now open.  

Parks are a great place to enjoy meeting people outside, but we do need people to be considerate and follow our BBQ guidelines. Please also note our park closing times

BBQs in Waterlow Park

There are some additional guidelines and rules for barbecues at Waterlow Park.

Before you plan your day out with friends and family, please note:

  • Please barbecue in designated zones only and look for on-site signage
  • All BBQs must be extinguished by 7pm
  • Currently, barbecues are permitted between 18 April 2023 and 19 September 2023 only. The season is now open.
  • Check out park opening times

Guidelines and rules applicable to all Camden Parks

Choosing your BBQ

  • Disposable or gas BBQs are not allowed please use reusable charcoal BBQs
  • Only use approved BBQ fuel or firelighters, never use petrol, paraffin or biofuel

Be safety conscious

  • Take some water to put out the BBQ and make sure the BBQ is cool before you try and move it
  • Put your BBQ on level ground away from trees, houses, park furniture and other park users
  • Empty the cooled charcoal and ash in the BBQ charcoal bins/bucket provided (see list below of locations of BBQ bins)
  • Keep children, pets, games and sports well away from the cooking area
  • Never leave the BBQ unattended

BBQ responsibly

  • Be considerate to other park users ensuring your BBQ does not affect others
  • Please don’t play amplified music
  • BBQs are not permitted in children’s play areas
  • Dispose of all litter properly and recycle your rubbish where possible
  • If park staff they feel a BBQ is not safe and does not follow the guidelines above it will be extinguished
  • In case of fire, always call 999
  • If you intend to hold an event with more than 20 people, with promotion, music, sale of food or alcohol or for additional information visit

Green spaces with a dedicated BBQ bin

  • Fortune Green
  • Maygrove Peace Park
  • Kilburn Grange
  • Swiss Cottage Open Space
  • Talacre Gardens
  • Cantelowes Gardens
  • Waterlow Park
  • St Martin’s Gardens
  • Harrington Square
  • Cumberland Market
  • St George’s Gardens
  • Brunswick Square
  • Lincoln’s Inn Fields
  • Bloomsbury Square
  • Russell Square
  • Tavistock Square


Camden is a controlled drinking zone. 

We allow alcohol as long as it is not available to under 18s and not being sold (you need a licence to sell alcohol). 

If you intend to hold an event with more than 20 people, with promotion, music, sale of food or alcohol, read events in parks.

You’ll need a licence for entertainment and the sale of alcohol. Depending on participant numbers, you’ll need either a Temporary Event Notice or a Premises Licence.


Picnics are permitted in our parks and open spaces.  

Ask for permission if you’re:

  • expecting more than 20 people
  • bringing structures - for example gazebos, tables and chairs
  • playing recorded or live music – you will need a temporary event notice

It is not possible to give picnics private use of a space. You should respect the park and its wildlife, plants and trees. Tidy up, take your rubbish away and have fun.

Park Opening & Closing times

Parks and Open Spaces Closing Times for 2023

The opening time as set out in the bye laws is 7.30am

St. Pancras Gardens & Russell Square opening time is 7am



01 January 2023



16 January 2023



06 February 2023



20 February 2023



06 March 2023



20 March 2023



26 March 2023 (BST begins)



10 April 2023



24 April 2023



15 May 2023



05 June 2023



17 July 2023



14 August 2023



04 September 2023



11 September 2023



25 September 2023



09 October 2023



23 October 2023



29 October 2023 (BST ends)



06 November 2023



04 December 2023



15 January 2024



The Warren closes at 21.00 hrs

Russell Square closes at 22.00 hrs


if you have any questions about park closing times then please contact the parks services team

Allotments and Community food Growing


All our allotments are full and waiting lists are closed.  Nearby councils have a greater number of allotments - you can check if plots are available in Barnet and Brent.

Allotments managed by associations are:

  • Antrim Grove - 29 plots of various sizes
  • Branch Hill - 27 plots of various sizes
  • Fitzroy Park - 88 plots of various sizes

For information on any of these allotments:

Camden also manages Westcroft Estate which has 50 plots of various sizes.

For information about this allotment:

Community food growing

Capital Growth encourages people to start food growing projects on unused land and to get involved with existing growing spaces. They give advice on sustainable food growing too.

If you’d like to start a food growing project in your local park, email

To find out about food growing projects on our estates, email

Commemorative benches, artworks and memorials


You can request to dedicate a bench in one of our parks. The design matches other benches in the park. A stainless steel plaque is engraved and etched with an inscription of your choice.

To make a request to dedicate a bench please email with your contact details and the park you would like the bench to reside. 

We don’t manage Hampstead Heath, Regent's Park or Primrose Hill. For benches here, contact:

City of London (Hampstead Heath)
Royal Parks (Regent's Park or Primrose Hill)


Bench costs vary depending on the style of benches on site.

We have three bench prices:

  • £1,654.44
  • £2,009
  • £2,237

Artworks and memorials

Before applying to place artworks and memorials in a Camden park, read the guidance document.

Your proposal must include details of how the cost will be covered and how future management and maintenance costs will be met. We will only consider detailed proposals.

Apply to place an artwork or memorial

Improving green spaces

Camden is investing in its green spaces to help create inviting and exciting spaces for all residents. Projects include new play equipment and sports facilities, wildlife friendly planting schemes and improvements to make spaces easier to access and manage. You can find out about recent and upcoming projects on this page and how you can have your say on improvements to these sites.

Current projects include:

  • Alf Barret Play Area
  • Broadhurst Gardens Play Area
  • College Gardens 
  • Swiss Cottage Green Infrastructure Survey

Projects that we have engaged on include:

  • Greening Phoenix Road

Health and wellbeing

The health benefits of parks and green spaces both on mental and physical wellbeing are well documented. In Camden visitors to our quality parks and green spaces can improve their health and wellbeing in numerous ways. For example:

  • Our Green Spaces are the perfect place for peace and quiet, to escape the bustle of the city and to learn about nature. We have peaceful woodlands and nature reserves including Adelaide Road Nature Reserve, Russell Nurseries and Belsize Woods, and Westbere Copse. Why not take some time to visit, relax, and notice the changing seasons and unique features of each site
  • We have food growing projects and community gardens within our parks and green spaces. If you’re interested in finding out what is in your local area then please see the allotments and community food growing section above.  If you would like to start a project in your local park or green space then please contact us
  • If you’re interested in increasing your physical fitness then why not visit one of our parks and green spaces. No matter your level of fitness, there are spaces where you can be active outside. Across Camden we have free to use outdoor gyms, multi-use games areas, a skate park (Cantelowes Gardens), and Petanque (at Waterlow Park). We also have tennis courts, netball courts, and a MUGA (at Kilburn Grange Park) that can be hired. If you would like to learn about being more physically active in a Camden park or green space then please see the sports section on this page. To find out more about keeping active and healthy please see our sports and leisure pages.

If you’re interested in combining physical fitness with improving your environment or local community then why not check out Camden Green Gym or the Good Gym in Camden. Or alternatively find sports and physical activity in Camden.

You can also obtain general advice on health and wellbeing services in Camden.

Bloomsbury Wellbeing Walks

The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens have organised some walks throughout Bloomsbury over July, August and September. See poster for more information. 

  • Free of charge
  • All welcome
  • Circular walk that will last about an hour


Whether you’re into football, tennis, running or basketball, there are a number of great locations in our parks where you can indulge your passion.

Free to play sports facilities

Facilities that are available for free do not require booking, use is on a first come first served basis.

Please see our outdoor gyms, skatepark at Cantelowes Gardens, basketball court in Argyle Square, or our free to play multi use games areas.

Map of outdoor gym locations 

Bookable play sports facilities that require booking


Book a tennis court at Lincolns Inn Fields, Kilburn Grange Park, Waterlow Park.


Book a netball court at Lincolns Inn Fields.

Multi Use Games Area 

Book the multi use games area at Kilburn Grange Park.


Playgrounds in Camden

Here are the locations of our public playgrounds for children around Camden. 

  • Waterlow Park, Highgate
  • Montpelier Gardens, Kentish Town
  • Alexandra And Ainsworth, Kilburn
  • Kilburn Grange, Kilburn
  • Quex Road, Kilburn
  • Swiss Cottage Open Space, Kilburn
  • Wicklow Street Open Space, Kings Cross
  • Cumberland Market, Regents Park
  • Polygon Road Open Space, St Pancras and Somers Town
  • Purchese Street Open Space, St Pancras and Somers Town
  • Iverson Road Open Space, West Hampstead
  • Maygrove Peace Park, West Hampstead
  • Sumatra Road Open Space, West Hampstead


There are a number of ways that you can volunteer in Camden’s parks and green spaces.

Parks and gardens friends' groups are voluntary groups of local residents, workers or visitors who dedicate some of their time, energy and effort to caring for and improving their local park, garden or open space. Anyone can join a friends group and give as much or as little time as they want. Friends groups always need new volunteers, whether it's to help organise an event, get stuck in with some planting or just to attend meetings to contribute to plans for the local park.

We value our friends' groups input into the management of Camden's parks and green spaces. Such partnerships work to help make our parks safe, clean and well-maintained popular assets to the community. We aim to build trusting relationships with community groups and engage in effective regular communication. Find out if there is a Friends of Group in your local area that you can join.

To set up a friends' group in your local park, please contact the Park Services Team.

If you would like to get involved with practical conservation volunteering to improve your local environment then why not join Camden Green Gym.