About the panel

The citizen panel is made up of 15 people who live and work in Camden. It was established to help review and scrutinise the progress of Camden’s Climate Action Plan.

The creation of the panel was a direct recommendation of the Citizen’s Assembly on the climate crisis.

Details of panel sessions

The panel was recruited for during the summer of 2020 and came together for their first time in October.
The panel will meet quarterly for two years. After this, applications for new panel members will reopen for 2022-2024.

Meeting Schedule





Wednesday 11 November 2020

The Citizen Panel meet to review the progress of the 'People' actions of the Climate Action Plan and work collaboratively with the Council to develop the Public Information Campaign.


Presentation slides 11-11-20

 Minutes 11-11-20

Wednesday 10 February 2021




W/c 10 May 2021




W/c 12 July 2021




Share your views with the panel

If you would like to provide any feedback or comments to the panel please email these to: greencamden@camden.gov.uk.