Camden Climate Action Plan 2020-2025

The Camden Climate Action Plan 2020-2025 was developed following an extensive community engagement process, including the UK’s first Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis. It proposes a five-year programme of projects and activities around the themes of People, Buildings, Places and Organisations that deliver on the 17 Citizens’ Assembly recommendations and bring to life the vision of a zero carbon Camden. This will be the first of two plans to 2030. 

The Plan's vision 

The Plan's vision is to achieve a net zero carbon Camden by 2030. This will require everyone living and working in Camden to play their part, but the Council will need to enable and support people to take climate action. The Council will also need to lead by example by continuing to drive carbon dioxide reduction across its own estate and operations. 

  • People - Everyone who lives, works, studies and visits the borough will be well informed and actively contribute to tackling the climate crisis in all aspects of their lives
  • Buildings - Camden’s buildings will be energy efficient, comfortable and fit-for-purpose for a zero carbon future
  • Places - Camden’s public spaces will encourage and enable healthy and sustainable travel choices and promote biodiversity
  • Organisations - All organisations in Camden will operate responsibly and embed tackling the climate crisis throughout their operations
Read the plan: Camden Climate Action Plan 

Camden Climate Citizen Panel

The citizen panel is made up of 15 people who live and work in Camden.

The panel helps to review and scrutinise the progress of Camden’s Climate Action Plan. The creation of the panel was a direct recommendation of the Citizen’s Assembly on the climate crisis.

Details of panel sessions

The panel was recruited for during the summer of 2020 and came together for their first time in October.
The panel will meet quarterly for two years. After this, applications for new panel members will reopen for 2022-2024.

Meeting Schedule





Wednesday 11 November 2020

The Citizen Panel meet to review the progress of the 'People' actions of the Climate Action Plan and work collaboratively with the Council to develop the Public Information Campaign.


Presentation slides 11-11-20

 Minutes 11-11-20

Wednesday 10 February 2021




W/c 10 May 2021




W/c 12 July 2021





Share your views with the panel

If you would like to provide any feedback or comments to the panel please email these to:

Camden Council has declared a climate and ecological emergency

Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis

In July 2019, Camden held the UK’s first Citizens' Assembly on the climate crisis. Over three sessions, Assembly members considered evidence from climate scientists, environmentalists and community energy practitioners, before developing their proposals on how Camden should address the climate crisis. The Assembly proposals will inform a new Climate Action Plan for Camden which will be published in 2020.

Read about the three Citizens’ Assembly sessions below:

Session 1: Climate change and Camden

Download the event programme (PDF) for Session 1. Please see the table below for presentations and footage from the first Assembly meeting:

 Speaker Presentation Video  
 Welcome by Georgia Gould, Leader of the Council            Video clip
 Welcome by Sir Keir Starmer MP   Video clip
 Prof Mark Maslin – The science of climate change   Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 Chris Dunham – Current CO2 emissions in Camden   Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip

Session 2: Pathways to the future

Download the event programme (PDF) for Session 2. Please see the table below for presentations and footage from the second Assembly meeting:

 Speaker  Presentation  Video  
 Recap from session 1: Chris Dunham, Carbon Descent    Video clip
 At Home: Stephen Evans and Debbie Bourne – Personal carbon footprint  Powerpoint (PDF)  Video clip
 At home: Chris Newman – Energy efficiency at home   Powerpoint (PDF)  Video clip
 In my neighbourhoodLeo Murray – Community Action  Powerpoint (PDF)  Video clip
 In my neighbourhood: Trevor Keeling – Neighbourhoods of the Future  Powerpoint (PDF)  Video clip
 My Council: Joanna Marshall-Cook – Sustainability at University College London  Powerpoint (PDF)  Video clip
 My CouncilDee Searle – Climate Emergency Camden  Powerpoint (PDF)  Video clip

Session 3: Action for Change

At the third session on 20 July 2019, Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly presented its findings and climate proposals. Download the event programme (PDF) and review the final Assembly proposals.

The Assembly proposals were informed by over 600 community ideas from residents, school children, businesses and organisations. Learn more about the community ideas (PDF) and review them in more detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please review our FAQs if you have a question about the Citizens’ Assembly process. Download FAQs (PDF). If the FAQs do not answer your question please contact us at

Carbon dioxide reduction to 2030

Read our latest report on how carbon dioxide emissions across the borough can be reduced: London Borough of Camden: Carbon Scenarios to 2030 (PDF)

What Camden has achieved to date

Green Action for Change is Camden’s environmental sustainability plan and sets out our approach to achieving a low carbon borough by 2020. Since the first publication in 2010, Borough wide CO2 emissions across Camden have fallen by 37%. 

A target was also set across Camden’s own estate and operation to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. Data from 2017/18 shows a 34% reduction. Find out more about Camden’s carbon reduction programme 

The Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis will help shape a new Climate Action Plan for Camden from 2020.