Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis

This summer, Camden is holding a Citizens' Assembly to decide how the borough should address the climate crisis. 

Session 1: Climate Change and Camden

Session 1 took place on the 1st July, where our Assembly members heard about the science of climate change from Professor Mark Maslin (UCL) and about Current CO2 emissions in Camden and what might be able to be achieved by 2030 from Chris Dunham (Carbon Descent). Download the Event programme (PDF) and unanswered questions from session 1.

Links to all the content, both PDFs and video clips to the presentations, can be found below.

 Speaker Presentation Video  
 Welcome by Georgia Gould, Leader of the Council            Video clip
 Welcome by Sir Keir Starmer MP, local Member of Parliament   Video clip
 Prof Mark Maslin – The science of climate change and its ecological impacts  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 Chris Dunham – Current CO2 emissions in Camden and where we might get to in 2030  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip

Session 2: Pathways to the future

On the 11th July, our Assembly members heard from 6 speakers about ideas and solutions which could be implemented in Camden at the Home, Neighbourhood and Council level. The speakers then participated in a carousel Q&A session where the assembly members had the opportunity to dig deeper into the subjects with each of our speakers. Download the Event programme (PDF).

Links to all presentations can be found below.

Speaker Presentation Video  
 Recap from session 1: Chris Dunham, Carbon Descent   Video clip
 At home: Stephen Evans and Debbie Bourne – Individual lifestyle choices  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 At home: Chris Newman – Domestic Retrofit  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 In my neighbourhood: Leo Murray – Community Action  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 In my neighbourhood:Trevor Keeling – Neighbourhoods of the Future  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 My Council: Joanna Marshall-Cook – Sustainability at UCL  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip
 My Council: Dee Searle – Climate Emergency Camden  Powerpoint (PDF) Video clip

Be sure to check back for further updates. The next session, Action for Change, takes place on Saturday 20 July.


We created an on-line platform for people to share their ideas about how we could change to tackle the climate crisis at different levels, our homes, our neighbourhoods, the Council and the country. Ideas collected through the platform will be shared with the Citizens’ Assembly during the last session (20 July).

The platform is now closed but you can visit the site and look through the comments: climate crisis online platform


We have prepared a short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document to answer any questions you may have about the Assembly process. Download FAQs (PDF)

If this doesn’t answer your question please get in contact with us at

Carbon Scenarios to 2030

Read our latest report on how carbon emissions across the borough can be reduced: London Borough of Camden: Carbon Scenarios to 2030 (PDF)

What Camden has achieved to date

Green Action for Change is Camden’s environmental sustainability plan and sets out our approach to achieving a low carbon borough by 2020. Since the first publication in 2010, Borough wide CO2 emissions across Camden have fallen by 32%. 

A target was also set across Camden’s own estate and operation to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. Data from 2017/18 shows a 34% reduction. Find out more about Camden’s carbon reduction programme 

The Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis will help shape a new Environment Plan for Camden from 2020.