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Climate Resilience

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Climate Resilience

What is Climate Resilience?

Climate resilience refers to the ability to prepare, respond to and recover from the impact of extreme weather events such as heatwaves and intense rainfall.

The climate crisis is increasing the risk of extreme weather events. In July 2022, the UK experienced a record breaking heatwave that saw London's temperature hit 40° for the first time on record. In July 2021 and in 2022, Camden was subject to major flooding incidents affecting homes and businesses after periods of intense rainfall. 

We want to help communities in Camden to be resilient to climate risks by providing advice and guidance on the issue. We also want to explain how we plan to protect Council services, buildings and infrastructure.

Camden's Adaptation and Resilience Plan

In November 2023, we published our first Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan. The plan describes how we will help build a climate resilient Camden.

Read our Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan.