Barbeques, alcohol, and picnics in Camden Parks 

Barbecue season is now closed. You can no longer barbecue in our parks. The season will reopen in April 2024. 

Thank you for checking our webpage before having your barbeque. 

We do allow barbecues in our parks at specific times. In 2023, barbecues were permitted between 18 April 2023 and 19 September 2023 only. The season is now closed. 

Parks are a great place to enjoy meeting people outside, but we do need people to be considerate and follow our BBQ guidelines. Please also note our park closing times 

BBQs in Waterlow Park 

There are some additional guidelines and rules for barbecues at Waterlow Park. 

Before you plan your day out with friends and family, please note: 

  • Please barbecue in designated zones only and look for on-site signage 
  • All BBQs must be extinguished by 7pm 
  • Currently, barbecues are permitted between 18 April 2023 and 19 September 2023 only
  • Please be aware of park closing time

Guidelines and rules applicable to all Camden Parks 

Choosing your BBQ 

  • Disposable or gas BBQs are not allowed please use reusable charcoal BBQs 
  • Only use approved BBQ fuel or firelighters, never use petrol, paraffin or biofuel 

Be safety conscious 

  • Take some water to put out the BBQ and make sure the BBQ is cool before you try and move it 
  • Put your BBQ on level ground away from trees, houses, park furniture and other park users
  • Empty the cooled charcoal and ash in the BBQ charcoal bins/bucket provided (see list below of locations of BBQ bins) 
  • Keep children, pets, games and sports well away from the cooking area 
  • Never leave the BBQ unattended 

BBQ responsibly 

  • Be considerate to other park users ensuring your BBQ does not affect others 
  • Please don’t play amplified music 
  • BBQs are not permitted in children’s play areas 
  • Dispose of all litter properly and recycle your rubbish where possible 
  • If park staff they feel a BBQ is not safe and does not follow the guidelines above it will be extinguished 
  • In case of fire, always call 999 
  • If you intend to hold an event with more than 20 people, with promotion, music, sale of food or alcohol or for additional information visit 

Green spaces with a dedicated BBQ bin 

  • Fortune Green 
  • Maygrove Peace Park 
  • Kilburn Grange 
  • Swiss Cottage Open Space 
  • Talacre Gardens 
  • Cantelowes Gardens 
  • Waterlow Park 
  • St Martin’s Gardens 
  • Harrington Square 
  • Cumberland Market 
  • St George’s Gardens 
  • Brunswick Square 
  • Lincoln’s Inn Fields 
  • Bloomsbury Square 
  • Russell Square 
  • Tavistock Square 


  • Camden is a controlled drinking zone.  
  • We allow alcohol as long as it is not available to under 18s and not being sold (you need a licence to sell alcohol).  
  • If you intend to hold an event with more than 20 people, with promotion, music, sale of food or alcohol, read events in parks
  • You’ll need a licence for entertainment and the sale of alcohol. Depending on participant numbers, you’ll need either a Temporary Event Notice or a Premises Licence


Picnics are permitted in our parks and open spaces.   
Ask for permission if you’re: 

  • expecting more than 20 people 
  • bringing structures - for example gazebos, tables and chairs 
  • playing recorded or live music – you will need a temporary event notice 

It is not possible to give picnics private use of a space. You should respect the park and its wildlife, plants and trees. Tidy up, take your rubbish away and have fun.