You will need a temporary event notice (TEN) if you want to:

  • sell or supply alcohol
  • provide entertainment such as live or recorded music, or dancing
  • sell hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am

There are some restrictions. The event cannot:

  • have more than 499 people present at any time including staff
  • last longer than 7 days or 168 hours

Apply for a temporary event notice

Read the terms and conditions before starting your application.

You must apply at least 10 working days before your event or between 5 and 9 working days for a late TEN.

You will have to pay a fee of £21.

Apply as a resident

Apply as a business

For events in a public space, you must also get permission from our events team.

What happens next

Our environmental health team and the police have 3 days to check your application.

If they object to your application, we will refer your application to a licensing panel hearing. If you are applying for a late TEN we will refuse your application.

If we don’t receive any objections within 3 days, we will approve your TEN by email.