Events in parks

We manage events at 70 parks and other outdoor locations. We don’t manage: 

  • Hampstead Heath – call City of London on 020 8348 9908 
  • Primrose Hill or Regents Park - call Royal Parks on 020 7486 7905 

Holding events and festivals

You need permission for events in our parks and open spaces. 

Most events are also subject to hire fees. Costs depend on the infrastructure needed. Central London sites start from around £2,000 per day. 

Allow yourself enough time to plan properly. You’ll need about 3 months for a small event and at least 6 months for large events and festivals. 

Contact us 

To discuss an event or for more information contact Camden Events Service by: 

Apply for an event in a park 

Please include in your application: 

  • the date and time you’d like the event to take place 
  • the event name and description 
  • what you’d like to bring onto the site – such as stage, PA system, stalls, vehicles, fairground rides or marquee 
  • the name of the park you’d like to use 
  • the number of people expected to take part or attend 
  • who is organising the event and give details for a contact person 
  • brief details of your event experience if you’ve organised an outdoor event before  

 To apply for an event please download the application form here  - Events Application Form - PDF

If you would like to find out more on event processes and event guidance download this - Event Guidance Camden PDF 

What happens next 

If your event is suitable for the park, we’ll consult local councillors and stakeholders on your behalf. If approved, we’ll ask for your health and safety paperwork.

This may include: 

  • a risk assessment 
  • a site plan 
  • insurance details 
  • licence details 

Once all paperwork has been received we’ll issue a parks permission contract to you. 

Marquees and generators


All marquees must be supplied and erected by a professional company. Some sites are subject to laws which prevent the use of marquees and temporary structures. For more details on this contact


You can use generators in our parks and open spaces as part of an organised event. All generators must be supplied and operated by a professional company. They must be diesel rather than petrol powered. We encourage the use of solar generators and environmental technologies. 

Filming and professional photography

If you are a Camden resident and have queries about filming and/or film parking suspensions in the borough please email us at

Alternatively, you can call us on 0207 620 0391 / Emergency 24 hr Mobile: 07919002115. You can also find useful information here 
If you are film makers interested in filming in the borough please contact us at / 0207 620 0391 or go to 


You’ll need permission to film or take professional photographs in our parks. Camden Film Office can advise you of any charges for filming, television and photography. 

Camden Film Office