Coronavirus update

We are not currently accepting postal applications due to the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020.

All applications should be made online, where they will be processed according to the relevant legislation. Any queries should be directed to the Licensing Team on 020 7974 4444.


Apply for a premises licence

Read the terms and conditions before starting your licence application.

You may need a premises licence if you want to:

  • sell or supply alcohol
  • provide entertainment such as live or recorded music, or dancing
  • sell hot food or drink between 11 pm and 5 am

You will have to pay a fee - the amount depends on the non-domestic rateable value of the venue.

Before you start

You will need:

  • to read the application guidance notes
  • a detailed plan of the venue
  • if you are selling or supplying alcohol, a consent form signed by the designated premises supervisor (DPS) - this can be you or another person, the DPS must have a personal licence

Apply for a premises licence:

Apply as a resident

Apply as a business

What happens next

After you apply, we will carry out a public consultation for 28 days. If we receive any objections, we will refer your application to a licensing panel hearing. Otherwise, we will grant your licence.

Make a variation to your licence

You can apply for a:

  • variation, such as increasing the hours you sell alcohol
  • minor variation, such as small changes to the premises layout or revisions, removals and additions of conditions.
  • application to vary a premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor (DPS)

You will have to pay a fee:

  • based on the rateable value of the venue for a variation
  • £89 for a minor variation
  • £23 variation of DPS

Apply to vary your premises licence

(you will need to log in or create a Business Account)

Update your licence details

You can:

  • update the name or address of the licence holder or designated premises supervisor (DPS)
  • change the name of the premises

You will have to pay a fee of £10.50.

Update your licence details

(you will need to login or create a Business Account)

Transfer your licence

How do I transfer a premises licence?

If the business is sold to a new owner, an application can be made to transfer the licence to that person under The Licensing Act 2003.
The new intended licence holder must apply to transfer the licence.
Please note that a transfer only changes the identity of the holder of the licence and does not alter the licence in any other way.
If the licensee wants to vary any of the licensing activities or conditions it will be necessary to apply for a variation of premises licence.

What I need to do?

The previous/current premises licence holder must complete the transfer consent form.
You will need to upload evidence of your right to occupy the premises. If you have not obtained consent then you need to show what steps you have taken to do this.
You need to upload evidence of your right to occupy the premises.  This could be a lease or sale agreement.
You will need to return the existing premises licence to us by post. The address will be provided upon completion of the application. Please note if you cannot return the licence you will have to pay an additional £10.50 for a copy of the license to be processed with this application.


Please note that that this process is only intended to change the identity of the holder (in other words a name change) and does not change the current licence in any way. If the new licensee wishes to vary the licence in any way then a new variation application needs to be completed.
To complete a new variation licence please go to “Make a variation to your licence “in this section.


You will have to pay a fee of £23.

Transfer your licence

(you will need to login or create a Business Account)

Read terms and conditions.