Camden is home to wildlife sites managed by different organisations, including: 

There are also smaller local wildlife sites with habitat features such as ponds, orchards, wildflower meadows and woodland copses.  

A diverse range of species make Camden their home. This wealth of wildlife includes widespread species seen in our parks or along the Canal, such as blackbirds or moorhens, but also more specialist species such as peregrine falcons, which nest on tall buildings which mimic their countryside cliff-top sites. At least nine species of bat, all of which are afforded legal protection, have been recorded in the Borough, as has a variety of insects, including impressive stag beetles and butterflies of conservation concern. The Borough also supports an important population of hedgehogs, a species that has declined by a third in urban areas. Gardens and parks – and the connections between them – are vital for this species.

Habitats vary across the Borough. Of habitat types recorded by Greenspace Information for Greater London, amenity grassland is the most prevalent habitat and is widely distributed across Camden. Woodland is the second most prevalent habitat and supports a wide range of wildlife. However, our woodland is mainly in the north of the borough and is not readily accessible to all Camden residents. Camden also has habitats that are considered nationally important, including both acid grassland and heathland, also in the north of the Borough.

Get involved

Camden Biodiversity Action Plan 

In 2020 we will be developing a plan to help wildlife in Camden, and to improve our natural spaces and your access to them. We need your help to develop this plan.

We are asking for your ideas and opinions on priorities for Camden’s wildlife and natural spaces. We also want to know what we've done well in the past, how we can do better, and anything that we've missed. We also want to know what you do, and what information or support you need to help wildlife.

To gather your ideas we’ve set up a consultation website that can be accessed via the link below.

Have your say on the Biodiversity Action Plan


To get involved in managing wildlife join Camden Green Gym.

Record wildlife sightings 

Help us understand more about our wildlife by: 

If you find a dead or injured animal, or if you witness wildlife crime, find out what to do at Help Wildlife. 


Outdoor learning 

Camden’s nature reserves and green spaces provide a rich environment for outdoor learning. Most of our nature reserves are open to the public at weekends. 

Schools and childcare settings can book sites for self-led activities. You will need to complete a risk assessment and provide evidence of your public liability insurance. You are also required to abide to Camden Schools Nature Reserves Code of Conduct when using a nature site. 

Outdoor Learning Booking Enquiry Form

Maps of childcare locations and nearby nature areas: