What is the substitute badge?

The substitute badge is a scheme to tackle the theft of blue badges from disabled drivers' vehicles when parked close to their home.

The substitute disabled badge includes the vehicle registration number so that it cannot be used on any other vehicle, and is therefore of no value to anyone other than the legitimate holder.

The substitute badge does not replace the blue badge but can be used instead of the blue badge within the controlled parking zone in which you live.

Apply for a substitute badge

Who can apply?

You may apply for a substitute badge if:

  • you hold a valid disabled blue badge
  • you live in Camden
  • you own, keep and use a passenger vehicle which is not used with a trailer, and is built and adapted to carry up to 8 passengers, not including the driver
  • you hold a current full driving licence 

How much does it cost?

The cost of a substitute badge is £25.00. The badge will be issued for a maximum of three years, to coincide with the expiry date of your blue badge.