Blue Badges are often stolen from vehicles parked outside the home property.

To counter this crime the Substitute Badge can be displayed instead of the Blue Badge.

How it works 

The substitute badge includes the vehicle registration number so that it cannot be used on any other vehicle.  

The substitute badge does not replace the Blue Badge but can be used instead of the Blue Badge, within the controlled parking zone where you live. 

Where you can park  

You can use your substitute badge in the same types of spaces that you use your Blue Badge, within your controlled parking zone. This includes: 

  • blue badge bays 
  • designated disabled parking spaces 
  • residents metered and pay and display bays  
  • on a single or double yellow line, for up to 3 hours 

Where you cannot park  

You cannot use your substitute badge: 

  • in a green badge area, without a green badge 
  • where loading restrictions are in operation 
  • in a suspended bay 
  • where parking causes disruption 
  • in a parking space reserved for specific use e.g. doctors or traders 


Your substitute badge can only be registered to one vehicle.  
The Vehicle must be registered at the address of the Blue Badge holder. 
You can only have one substitute badge at a time.  

Apply for a Substitute Badge

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