Background and context

Wendling Estate and St Stephens Close  are located in the Gospel Oak ward and consist of 241 homes. Together they cover an area of 2.6 hectares and comprise 194 council tenanted homes and 47 leaseholder homes. The Estate was built in the 1970s with a variety of building types and is typical of social housing built during this period, in terms of construction, layout and design.

In 2010, the Council’s Cabinet identified key challenges facing the Gospel Oak area including those highlighted by local residents. Discussions on residential overcrowding, housing conditions and disrepair, and community safety concerns all showed the need for substantial re-provision and investment in the area.

In the past, the Council has discussed regeneration and investment plans for the area, but it became clear after local wider conversations that any proposals would require a meaningful community-led approach. A Cabinet decision in December 2017 requested a feasibility option appraisal for the Estate with estate-based conversations to take place in the first instance. The Council decided to employ local residents and build a community liaison team to provide support to residents and achieve a meaningful, community-led engagement approach.

Also instrumental to the process has been the establishment of the Wendling and St Stephens Close Steering Group which is made up of residents from both Wendling and St Stephens Close and is chaired by the local Ward Councillor, Councillor Larraine Revah.

The Council’s Cabinet has now agreed the Council’s preferred option is complete redevelopment of the Estate, Option 3 of the options appraisal. We also have authority to hold an estate ballot of eligible estate residents. The exact timing of the ballot will be confirmed through further conversations with residents.

Historical Context and Current Area

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Latest News

Proposed option

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Resident Liaison Advisors and Wendling Estate and St Stephens Close Steering Group

The Council has appointed local residents to three roles within the development team: a Strategic Community Liaison Lead and two Community Liaison Advisors (CLAs). The CLA team’s primary function is to engage in meaningful consultation with local estate residents, wider stakeholders, and the local community. The aim is to empower and encourage resident participation in providing essential feedback on the proposals for the future of the Estate. They support a collaborative approach to developing a scheme which provides much needed new homes to meet the wants of estate residents and invests in the local area to ensure long-term benefits for all. The CLA team are a dedicated team who are committed to providing consistent messaging in a way which is easily understood and which forms an inclusive working relationship with all estate residents and wider stakeholders.

In February 2018 a Steering Group was set up for the Estate. Through meeting regularly with the Steering Group and estate residents, we have developed an excellent, vibrant working relationship with all steering group members. The Steering Group is chaired by Councillor Revah.

The CLAs and the Steering Group continue to be instrumental in communicating and empowering residents in shaping the engagement process. They have worked closely to encourage resident participation and engagement by providing regular updates and clear information on the options appraisal process throughout the consultation and engagement with both residents and wider stakeholders.

This is a document presented to Cabinet Committee of Camden Council on 17 July 2019 produced by  Community Liaison Advisors for Gospel Oak (PDF).

Wendling Estate and St Stephens Close Survey

The Gospel Oak Development Team appreciate that the current COVID-19 situation is affecting our residents in various ways, but our aim and objective is to stay in touch with you as well as being inclusive by understanding your specific needs.

We want to continue ensuring you are informed of any news and changes. We are also looking for new ways to continue engaging and communicating with all residents during the pandemic.

We have provided this link to the Wendling Estate and St Stephens Close survey for those of you would find it more convenient to complete submit the survey online, rather than through the post.

Your response and answers will help us to shape and implement new ways to continue our communication approach and engage with all residents.

Feasibility and options

Architects and feasibility work

The Steering Group was involved in the procurement selection and appointment of the architects commissioned to work on feasibility and options designs for the estate. Metropolitan Workshop (Metworks) commenced work in the summer of 2018 and have held a number of workshops and exhibitions, facilitated by the Estate's CLAs.


Consulting residents about the future of their estate

The CLAs have been reaching out to all the residents on the Wendling Estate and St Stephen’s Close and wider stakeholders to consult and talk about the future investment in their area and to seek their views on helping shape the way forward.
Metworks have provided feasibility work on three options for the Estate:

  • Option 1: Low (no demolition of homes and refurbishment),
  • Option 2: Medium (partial demolition and partial refurbishment)
  • Option 3: High (full demolition)  

As part of this process, a Section 105 Consultation (a requirement of the Housing Act 1985) started from 3 May and completed on 31 May 2019.

Resident information

Council Tenants

Below are the relevant documents published for Council tenants living on the Estate:


Resident Leaseholders

Below are the relevant documents published for resident leaseholders living on the Estate:

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Non-Resident Leaseholders

Below are the relevant documents published for non-resident leaseholders owning properties on the Estate:


Contact us

Visit our Community Liaison Advisers, Terry, Strategic Community Liaison Lead, Sarah and Suzanna, Community Liaison Advisors at Gospel Oak Hub, located in the blue Portakabins, opposite St Martin’s Church, Wellesley Road NW5 4PA. You can drop by the Hub at any time (8am to 4pm, weekdays). The Community Liaison Advisors  also run a coffee morning every Friday 9.30am–12noon.  Everyone is welcome.

  • Terry Wiggett, Strategic Community Liaison Lead: 07799 072 134
  • Sarah Robbins, Community Liaison Adviser: 07717 541 883
  • Suzanna Hofferer, Community Liaison Adviser: 07833 516 875