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Student housing in planning applications

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Student housing in planning applications

Student Housing Management Plan


When is a student management plan needed?

A student management plan is needed for all planning applications that involve student accommodation.

What information should be included when submitting applications that involve student accommodation?

The student management plan should include details of safety and crime prevention and a ‘Code of Conduct’. This shall include details on;

  • health and safety standards and procedures;
  • maintenance and repairs;
  • environmental quality;
  • landlord and tenant relationship;
  • student welfare;
  • antisocial behaviour and disciplinary procedures;
  • administration, accreditation and compliance procedures.
  • secured by design principles as outlined in Camden Planning Guidance
  • student tenancy agreement

How do I submit an application for a proposed development that includes student accommodation?

If you apply for planning permission online using the Planning Portal, you can also upload your contaminated land assessment. This is after you have completed the relevant application forms.

Before uploading any files, please read our guidance notes for submitting electronic files with planning applications (PDF).

Where can I find more information?