Report street or housing estate damage 

If you are reporting a problem that you feel is dangerous or an emergency, please phone 020 7974 4444 immediately.

If you wish to report damaged/missing road signs or damaged/missing street name plates please visit our roads and footway works page.


We will visit the site to check the damage and to assess if the bollard is still needed at this location. We will either repair, replace or remove the bollard.

If the bollard has been uprooted and is causing a danger to pedestrians or road users, please contact 020 7974 4444 immediately.

Report damage to a concrete bollard

Report damage to an illuminated bollard


For any defects to walls alongside the public highway, please provide the description of the defect, the wall location and clear photos of the defect.

Report damage to walls

Roads and Pavements

Camden Council are responsible for maintaining the majority of pavements within the borough including removing weeds, replacing broken or missing slabs.

For roads with red lines on the side (red routes), contact TfL on their website to report a problem. 

All other roads (except for private roads) are maintained by Camden Council.  

Report damage to roads and pavements

Blocked or flooded drains

Camden Council are responsible for repairs or inspection of the gully, which includes the cover of the gully and its connection to the public sewer and the sewer connection point.

Camden Council are not responsible for drains on private roads or the main sewers and their capacity, or ability, to cope with extreme conditions . 

Report blocked or flooded drains

Thames Water repair and clean the pipes that carry wastewater from your street to their treatment works. 

If you see a drain that’s leaking sewage outside and endangering wildlife or the environment, this should be reported to Thames Water.

Report an issue to Thames Water

Traffic and road safety schemes

Camden Council are responsible for road and traffic schemes within the borough.

If you observe an issue concerning:

  • Change to speed limit
  • Cycling scheme
  • Pedestrian crossing scheme
  • Public space improvement
  • Traffic calming scheme
  • Traffic management scheme

Please report it using the form below:

Report an issue with a traffic and road safety scheme

Potholes and manholes


All of Camden's roads and pavements including housing estates are inspected on a periodic basis and repairs are carried out if the fault or defect found is included in Camden Council's criteria for repairs. 

Depending on the type of fault or defect and its severity we will make the area safe within one hour or 24 hours and then look to carry out a permanent repair. It is important that you phone us on 020 7974 4444 if you think it is dangerous, for example if there is a danger of someone falling or tripping.


Manhole covers which are noisy, move when stepped on, are missing or have exposed wires protruding from them should be reported using the form below:

Report damage to potholes, rocking and noisy manholes

Utility boxes and cabinets

Camden are not responsible for Utility boxes and cabinets. 

Statutory undertakers (utility companies) have a legal responsibility to maintain their apparatus. 

If we are made aware of a noisy or broken (sunken/cracked) utility box or cabinet, missing covers or defective cabinets (above ground) we will report these to the relevant company for them to fix. On occasion we will make safe, but we do not repair or fix this apparatus.

Report damage to utility boxes and cabinets

Street lighting and zebra crossings

Camden Council are responsible for the installation and maintenance of street lights within the borough.

If you observe:

  • a street light not working ,
  • broken street light, 
  • damaged street light 
  • a damaged column, or
  • Zebra Crossing Damaged or not working

Please report it using the form below:

Report damage or disrepair to street lighting or zebra crossings

Traffic lights

Permanent traffic lights (TfL)

Transport for London (TfL) are responsible for all permanent traffic lights in London. 

To report an issue with a broken traffic light please visit

Temporary traffic lights

If temporary traffic lights are not working, poorly phased or are no longer needed, this can be reported using the form below:

Report damage or disrepair to temporary traffic lights

Report a street or housing estate cleaning problem

Report a cleaning problem using Love Clean Streets

A cleaning problem on a street or council housing estate could include the following:


If you’re reporting a problem that could be dangerous or an emergency please contact the police on 999 or contact our emergency planning service.