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Fly-tipping and street obstructions

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Fly-tipping and street obstructions

Report illegally dumped rubbish on a street or housing estate

Items left on the street, including a bag of rubbish when it's not bin collection time, is fly-tipping (illegally dumped rubbish).

Report fly-tipping with Love Clean Streets  

Do the right thing with your waste

It is illegal to dump your waste on the street. This includes recycling and rubbish bags that are put out at the wrong time or in the wrong place. 

Find out how to help keep Camden Clean

Information on specific items and street obstructions

Skips, building materials, and tables and chairs

To keep items on the street you must apply for a license first.

Large (bulky) waste items 

You should arrange a collection if you want to throw away a large item (such as furniture) or difficult to handle electrical items (such as a fridge).

Items that don’t fit in your bin can also be taken to Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Bin collections

Make sure you put your rubbish and recycling out for collection at the correct time by checking your collection day.

Advertising boards

Standard sized advertising boards (1.5 metres high and 0.9 metres wide) can be placed on the pavement if they are on the front of a property. 

Overhanging foliage

Roads and pavements should be kept clear of foliage at ground level. Overhanging foliage must be at least 2.5 metres above the footway and at least 5 metres above the road. Foliage must not obstruct street lighting or furniture.