New operators

Camden have entered into a yearlong trial with two dockless electric bike operators, Jump and Lime. This trial commenced on 1 August 2019. Jump and Lime bikes can be hired through their respective apps and used in a similar fashion to the Santander docking bikes. However Jump and Lime bikes do not need to be picked up or dropped off in docking bays, they should be parked in sensible locations and suggested parking bays can be found on each app. No parking zones have been implemented throughout the borough and are shown on the app, any user who parks a bike in a no parking zone will receive a fine. You can read more about both companies here

Parking responsibly

Dockless bike hire operators provide detailed user information on preferred parking zones and no-parking zones.  

Bikes should be parked responsibly on the side of a wide pavement or next to a bike rack where they won’t be in the way. Bikes should never be parked in places which cause an obstruction to pedestrians, bus stops, shops, accessibility ramps or cars.

The major no-parking zones in London Borough of Camden are:

  • Camden Town
  • Kings Cross and St Pancras
  • Euston and HS2 construction area
  • Regents Park
  • Seven Dials

Reporting an obstruction

The quickest way to report a hire bike which is causing an obstruction is to contact the respective operator directly through one of the following channels:



Phone: 0808 189 2308

Twitter: @JUMPbyUber

In app reporting



Phone: 0800 808 5223

Twitter: @limebike

In app reporting



Phone: 02036337083

Twitter: @FreebikeUK

In app reporting



Twitter: @MobikeUK

In app reporting



Twitter: @BerylBikes

In app reporting

Should you have a further complaint regarding a dockless bike company please contact us via email: