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Borrow a bicycle

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Borrow a bicycle

If you are thinking about trying to cycle to work, college or just to get around town, you can borrow a bicycle from Camden Council. 

Borrow a Brompton bicycle 

A Brompton is a folding bike which is ideal for carrying around. You can store it in tight spaces and easily take it on public transport. You can borrow the bike for up to 4 weeks for free.  

If you would like to borrow a Brompton bike, email for details and availability.  

If there is a bike available, you can collect it from our hub on Purchese Street, NW1. More details about the pick-up point will be provided later.  

Find out more about Brompton bikes

Before your bike loan 

You must demonstrate that you can safely control the bike. If you need support, you can sign up for our free Camden Cycle Skills training.    

When you agree to borrow a bike, you will pay a £50 deposit. You will also sign a loan agreement with details of your deposit and the bike and equipment you have loaned. 

After 4 weeks when your loan ends, you simply return the bike to the same location and reclaim your deposit.  

During your bike loan 

If you borrow a bicycle from us, you must: 

  • keep it secure at all times, and avoid leaving unattended on the street 
  • ride the Brompton only for its intended purpose 
  • observe the highway code and any other rules which apply in public places 
  • keep the bike in roadworthy condition, inflate tyres when needed, carry out minor maintenance—such as repairs of punctured tyres—at your own cost 
  • respond to all communication from Camden and notify us of any major issues affecting the use of bike 
  • return the bike at the end of the loan period at the place and time notified 

If the bike is lost or stolen 

You must tell the police immediately if the bike is lost or stolen. You should also tell us as soon as possible. 

If the bike is damaged or lost due to negligence, such as not securing the bike, you will be liable for the value of the loss.  

Borrow another type of bike 

You can also borrow a cargo or ‘standard’ bike from our partners Peddle My Wheels

Try Before You Bike is a paid scheme, but an affordable and user-friendly way to try other types of bicycles. You will get: 

  • pay monthly options, with an easy to order process 
  • free delivery to your door with accessories (helmet, lights and lock) and an induction session to familiarise you with the bike 
  • no deposit or hidden fees 
  • affordable purchase options, compatible with Cycle To Work  
  • support and encouragement to help you get confident on the roads 
  • free collection, if you decide it's not for you 

Sign up with Peddle My Wheels, who run the programme on our behalf.