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Regulators' code

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Regulators' code


The Regulators' code aims to promote an open and constructive relationship between regulators and those they regulate. Regulators must follow the code when developing policies and procedures that guide their regulatory activities, as well as giving advice and guidance. Camden’s Regulatory Services consists of the following teams:

How we carry out our activities

Regulatory Services' enforcement policies set out the general principles which Camden follows in taking enforcement action and managing risk, including helping meet the needs of businesses and protecting the needs of consumers.

How Regulatory Services engage with those we regulate

Regulatory Services consults with those who we regulate in drawing up our policies and procedures.

The Code set out the Government’s expectations that local authorities should have clear and accessible complaints and appeals processes, for use by businesses and others that they regulate. In particular, section 2 of the Code includes provisions for clear, impartial and accessible complaints and appeals.

If you are unhappy with the service you received from us, you can contact the team who provided the service. If you are still unhappy, you can make a formal complaint to the Council. You can find out more about Camden's complaints process here.


Regulatory Services' enforcement policies outline our risk-based approach to regulation.

Sharing information/information and guidance

Where possible, Regulatory Services will follow the principle of “request once, use many times.” We aim to communicate with people in a prompt and clear manner, in a format that is accessible to people.


The Regulators' Code sets out the Government’s expectations in respect of the provision by local authorities of clear and accessible complaints and appeals processes, for use by businesses and others that they regulate.

Section 6 of the Code includes provisions to ensure transparency around complaints and appeals processes.

Regulatory Services aim to make sure that the information we give is clear, whether in person, by telephone or in writing.