Many schools suffer with parking, congestion, road danger and air quality issues immediately outside their school. The Healthy School Streets project aims to:

  • make the streets outside schools safer at the start and end of the school day 
  • discourage car journeys to school
  • improve air quality in the vicinity of the school
  • cut down on traffic outside the school

If you have a request for a Healthy School Street or would like to give feedback on an existing scheme, please email: healthy.school.streets@camden.gov.uk or use our commonplace Share Your Views On Safe Travel Camden – Commonplace

Watch the recent animation we made about Healthy School Strees to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi129pbvn6A


Exemptions forms

The following vehicles are eligible for an exemption from our Healthy School Streets schemes:

  • Vehicles registered to properties and businesses on the section of the street within the timed restriction area
  • Any vehicle being used for ambulance, fire brigade or policing purposes
  • Refuse collection vehicles
  • Blue Disabled Badge holders
  • Vehicles belonging to parents or carers of pupils of the school within the scheme that have a disability that prevents them from walking, cycling, or scooting to school

To register your vehicle for an exemption please complete the form that can be accessed from the link below and then email us with supporting evidence to healthy.school.streets@camden.gov.uk.

For resident exemptions, we require proof of address in the form of a photo or scan of a recent utility bill, bank statement or Council Tax statement.  

For Blue Badge exemptions, we require a photo or scan of the Blue Badge.

Please note that pure electric vehicle (the V5 must state the fuel type as 'electricity') exemptions are only in place for the Neighbourhoods of the Future scheme and these do not need to be registered with us for an exemption.

It may take up to five working days to process your application and we will email you with confirmation once this has been done.

Please note that we will be unable to process your application until you have emailed us with the relevant supporting evidence.


Apply for an exemption

How does it work?

We assess streets outside schools, using a range of criteria that have medium to low levels of traffic, which can reasonably be closed to motor traffic during school opening and closing times, without moving too much traffic elsewhere.

The streets are closed by signage and enforced either by bollards raised and lowered by school staff, or by using Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. 

In addition to providing engineering measures such as a Healthy School Street, we can work with schools to help reduce the number of pupils being driven to school by:

  • providing pedestrian and cycle training 
  • encouraging walking and cycling
  • running events to raise awareness and excitement about walking and cycling 
  • helping schools to achieve an accreditation on the Sustainable Travel: Active Responsible Safe (STARS) project - the Transport for London initiative for school travel planning.


How can I suggest a Healthy School Street?

We currently have 7 Healthy School Streets in Camden. As of September 2020, a phased programme of Healthy School Streets will be rolled out as part of the Enabling Safe Travel in Camden scheme.  

Please contact Healthy.School.Streets@camden.gov.uk for more information or to suggest a location.

Current and Future Locations

As part of our ‘Safer Travel in Camden’ programme we have introduced a number of Healthy School Street schemes across the borough. We now have a number of schemes which have been made permanent, along with some that are still in their trial phase. 

Permanent Healthy School Street Schemes

Trial Healthy School Street Schemes

Please contact us if you would like to know the operational dates of any of the schemes for the current academic year.