If you’re having problems paying your rent, service charges or mortgage there is advice and support available. Rent or mortgage arrears are a priority debt. 

At risk of being homeless

If you’re at risk of being homeless within the next 56 days, please contact us for support.

Council tenant

If you owe rent on your council property please c​​​​all us on 020 7974 4444  (option 5, then option 2). We’re here to help and can work with you to agree affordable repayments. 

For service charge arrears call us on 020 7974 4444 (option 3, then option 6).

You can also speak to your neighbourhood housing officer about both things. Find more information on our council tenants page.

Private renter

Speak to your landlord if you cannot pay your rent or services charges. They may give you extra time to pay.

Get free impartial advice about your housing rights from the Camden Advice Network. It's a crime for a landlord to harass you or threaten you with an illegal eviction

You can apply for:

More advice is available from:


Speak to your mortgage provider if you're having problems paying your mortgage. Many of them have signed up to the Mortgage Charter and will be flexible. 

You can apply for:

Get free and impartial advice from: