Apply to rent a garage or shed on one of our housing estates

Apply for a garage on a housing estate

Apply for a shed on a housing estate

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Anyone can apply to rent a garage or a shed on one of Camden’s housing estates. Once your application is received we will contact you within 20 working days to discuss your application. If no garages or sheds are available when you apply, your name will be added to a waiting list.

Your rent account must be in credit when applying for a shed.

We prioritise applications and allocate garages as follows:

  1. Tenants and leaseholders resident on the estate – blue badge holders take priority
  2. Blue badge holders on neighbouring estates
  3. Tenants and leaseholders on neighbouring estates
  4. Tenants and leaseholders on all other estates
  5. Business, private lettings and staff


The costs for renting a garage depends on the address. Read garage weekly rent charges (PDF)

Further information on shed applications

If the shed area is fob protected, only residents from that block can rent that shed.

A shed is rented on a licence which can be terminated by either party giving ten days’ notice.

Further information on garage applications

Garages can be rented to store a vehicle or for other storage purposes.  They are rented on a licence which can be terminated by either party giving seven days’ notice.

If you are resident on an estate managed by a tenant management organisation (TMO) you will need to apply for a garage directly with the TMO and will not be able to apply with the online link above.