Using a wood burning stove

London’s air quality falls below World Health Organization guidelines. Burning wood and coal in Camden emits dangerous pollution known as particulate matter, which cause asthma and heart disease and worsen existing health conditions.

Camden is a Smoke Control Area. This means only approved fuels and exempt appliances can be used.

It is an offence to produce smoke from:

  • a building chimney
  • an appliance - unless it is an exempt appliance
  • any fixed boiler 

You could be fined up to £1,000. It is also an offence to use unauthorised fuel,
unless it is used in an exempt appliance.

What can I burn in my fireplace or wood burning stove?

In an open fireplace or a non-approved appliance, you can only burn:

  • anthracite
  • semi-anthracite
  • gas
  • low volatile steam coals and other authorised fuels

Wood, wood chips and wood pellets are non-authorised fuels and can only be burned in appliances approved by the Secretary of State, called exempt appliances.

Even if you are using an approved fuel or exempt appliance, they still have a negative impact on air quality and public health.

We have produced a wood burning information flyer for you to share this information with others.

Installing a wood burning stove

If you plan to install a wood burning stove you should register your appliance: 

Register your wood burning stove

You must include:

  • the address of where the appliance is located
  • the appliance make and model
  • evidence the appliance is certified as ‘exempt’
  • a description of fuel used including moisture content
  • name and address of fuel supplier
  • a plan showing the location of the appliance exhaust flue and nearest building
  • evidence of planning permission if required and compliance with building regulations

Even if your fuel or appliance complies with the smoke control requirements, you’re not exempt from nuisance legislation.