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Temporary traffic restrictions

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Temporary traffic restrictions

A temporary traffic restriction is a legal order made by us under the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991.

Temporary traffic restrictions could involve closing a road to traffic, amending the parking restrictions in a road, making a road which is normally one way open to two way traffic flow or imposing a one way restriction on a road that normally accommodates two way traffic flow. Restrictions can be placed on a road, cycle lane or footpath.

Our Network Management Team process all applications for temporary traffic restrictions in Camden except those that are required on a Red Route.

We will provide a diversionary route for traffic being affected by the operation. We make orders for temporary traffic restrictions to facilitate street works, construction works and in some cases for a street party/festival.

Application fee

Application processing fees for temporary traffic notices depend on the type of closure and duration. The fees are as follows:

Section 14 (1)

  • Minor (less than 1 week): £2691.65
  • Standard (1 week to 6 months): £3039.90
  • Major (6 months to 18 months): £5472.06

Section 14 (2)

  • Emergency: £3085.96

Section 15 (2)

  • Long term: £14,163.76

Crane Operations Level 2 (additional fee payable): £670.66

Apply for a licence

How to apply

If you wish to apply to restrict traffic on a Red Route please email Transport for London’s Forward Planning Team.

For all other roads in Camden you can apply by email.

Apply by email

Step 1:  Download Temporary Traffic Restriction Application and Guidelines (PDF)

Step 2: Print off the pack and fill in the application form, referring to the guidelines where necessary.

Step 3: Scan and email to [email protected]

Step 4: Refer to the terms and conditions as there are certain conditions that you will need to meet leading up to the start of your work – some of these need to be completed up to eight weeks before you start works.

Useful links

Street works search

Search for street works taking place in the public highway.

How do I report a problem with road works?

Report a problem about road works online. 


If the problem is an out of hours emergency you can call our emergency hotline on 020 7974 4444.