Who needs a building licence?

You will need a building licence for building works involving scaffolds, hoardings, gantries, temporary crossovers (dropped kerbs) and for opening up the carriageway or footway.

You will also need to book a parking suspension if your works take up all or part of a parking space.

Applications are subject to the Highways Act 1980.


Building Licence fee

Minor works £367.13, plus a £646.23 deposit
Standard works £562.94, plus a £1,400.17 deposit 
Major works £1,223.78, plus a £3,769.68 deposit

The deposit will be refunded at the end of the works as long as no damage is caused to the public highway.

How long does the licence last for? 

Licences last for a maximum of 6 months. The cost for a two month extension is £136.66.

If we have to visit the site, such as because of a complaint, each inspection costs £61.19. Any extension and inspection costs will be deducted from your deposit before it is refunded.

Apply for a licence

The quickest and easiest way to apply is by email:

  1. Download: Building Licence application and guidelines (PDF)
  2. Read the guidelines
  3. Print off the pack and fill in the application form
  4. Email to: buildinglicences@camden.gov.uk
  5. Allow five working days after you think the application has been received before contacting us for the permit number

Alternatively, you can apply by post. Send your application to the Streetworks team. If applying by post, allow 10 working days after you think the application should have been received before contacting us for the permit number