What is the sturdy collection bag trial?

From 11 March 2020, residents on Handel Street (section east of Hunter Street) will be provided with a 'sturdy collection bag' for their bagged recycling and rubbish. 

This is part of an approximate three-month trial to see if this type of sturdy collection bag can reduce the mess and litter caused by rubbish bags being ripped open or left out wrongly. 

The bags will be for use on collection day only – not for the storage of waste between collection days. If used correctly they should help keep Handel street clean.

We intend to review this trial in June 2020 and will update residents from then. 

How to use the sturdy collection bag

During this trial period, all residents in this section of Handel Street must put their bagged recycling and rubbish in their sturdy collection bag. Then:  

  • the sturdy collection bag should be out by 7am on your collection days (or last thing the night before - preferably after 9pm) 
  • your sturdy collection bag must be attached to the railings of your property, not left loose on the street
  • take your sturdy collection bag inside again as soon as possible after it has been emptied. Sturdy collection bags should not be left out between collection days

Please do not hang your sturdy bag on a loose or damaged railing. Please report loose or damaged railings to your property manager/freeholder as soon as possible.

For more information or to request a replacement bag: 

Email street.environment@camden.gov.uk