Adopted Site Allocations Plan

Our site allocations document forms part of the ‘development plan’ for Camden – the starting point for planning decisions and sets out some guidelines for future development on significant sites across the borough likely to be subject to development proposals.

Camden adopted the current Site Allocations Plan in September 2013.

Site Allocations Review

Following the recent adoption of the Local Plan, we are now reviewing the Camden Sites Allocations Plan (2013). This document sets out the Council's approach to future development on significant sites across the borough.

As part of initial work on the review between December 2017 and February 2018 we invited local residents, landowners, developers, businesses and other interested parties to propose land or buildings in Camden for inclusion in the updated Site Allocations Plan.

These sites we will consider should be available for development within the next fifteen years and be suitable for housing, employment or other uses to support Camden’s growth targets while also ensuring that necessary infrastructure and appropriate community benefits are secured.

To comply with national policy, the review of the Site Allocations Plan will also need to consider sites to meet the accommodation needs of Camden's traveller community.  Camden has been home to an established community of travellers for over 20 years and several households live on Council-managed sites that are no longer large enough to meet their needs.

Although our consultation has finished, you can still submit any sites you wish to be considered by completing the call for sites form for each site, together with an OS Map identifying each site.

Please note that submissions cannot be treated as confidential and will be made publicly available.

What happens next?

Suggested sites together with sites identified through other sources will be assessed and appropriate sites will be included in a draft updated Site Allocations Plan.  

The production of the Site Allocation Plan has to follow statutory procedures similar to the Local Plan, including a public examination.  Once adopted by the Council it will form part of Camden’s Development Plan, the starting point for planning decisions in the borough.

For further information please contact the Planning Policy team at